Exploring some bizarre, humorous, and uncommon Christmas decor ideas along with the right christmas tree storage bags to preserve the piece

Exploring some bizarre, humorous, and uncommon Christmas decor ideas along with the right christmas tree storage bags to preserve the piece

Summary: Your holiday and Christmas décor don’t need to be traditional. You can explore path-breaking ways to adorn your halls and unusual places with uncommon Christmas decor DIY trees and some appealing Christmas tree storage bags.

  • How about starting with a public library? Two little trees on the floor and in front of the wooden shelf can make studying more interesting. Isn’t it?
  • A levitating Christmas tree gives that futuristic appeal and charm. 
  • Your laboratory can also have a Christmas tree. Its accessories can resemble test-tubes and lab materials to make the perfect blend.
  • A startling, weird and fascinating idea is to make your own Christmas tree wherever you work. You make it with your deployment materials.
  • For example, if you’re working in a garage or mill, your uncommon Christmas decor items are tire, sacks, sprays, wires, and rubber ropes. 

Delving into humor


Keeping the fun and fiesta of the season intact, it’s time to tickle those funny bones and let your creative juices ooze out. 

  • Install a blackboard that showcases your deep feelings about your celebratory ideas. Write you feel is appropriate for your image. The Wine lovers’ blackboard is a marvelous idea.
  • You can make your home interiors laugh out loud with a reindeer stable décor. It’s enough to invoke the festive fervor and humor in the right pace. It doesn’t cost a lot to create this epic.
  • You can take the fun to your bathroom as well. A Santa washroom is extremely amusing because it explains Christmas is all pervading
  • You can hang an oversized or eccentric stocking on the door. Choose some funny designs like safety pin styles/patterns to create some laughter. 
  • You can also go with Santa in the Fireplace décor. Put the figure in the mantel decoration and bedeck it pretty stockings to create an offbeat and amusing style.
  • Make sure you have quality Christmas tree storage bags to wrap up the Santa when it’s over. 
  • The funniest of all is a Santa hanging or latching on to the door. It is sticking to the surface and all you see is the protagonist facing you with its back. It’s unimaginably hilarious. 

The unusual journey continues

A perfect and smooth wall tree is the easiest and first of the unusual kind. Showcase jewelry, trinkets and meaningful photos by hanging them in unison. Extremely unusual, innovative and simple, it works as a stellar art. 

  • The game and magic of lights is unmissable. Play with lights and add some ornamental décor on the tree instead of installing common lights on the tree. Use your wall and let the light guide you home. Amen.
  • You can also roll some quality wrapping paper and put them on a wooden base or cardboard. It can create your unusual Christmas tree within a few minutes. Some random sticking of buttons can spice up the décor. 

Paint some small cartons of eggs with different green shades, making it resemble Christmas tree leaves. Attach ornaments and bows after sticking together the egg cartons. Make your Christmas tree quirky and outstanding. 


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