Fans go Gaga As the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Huge in France’ is Now Out

Huge in France

Fans can’t be happier as now the much-hyped Netflix show ‘Huge in France’ is recently released.

The TV series is starring Gad Elmaleh, the Moroccan-French comedian can be seen leading the cast.

‘Huge in France’ is Gad Elmaleh’s first original and stand-up series in the English language for the Netflix.

As per ‘Deadline’, the American magazine, the renowned French comedian is also the co-producer of the show.


Consisting of half an hour, the inspiration of the show is taken by the life career of none other than the icon Gad Elmaleh himself.

The theme will revolve around how migrating to the United States from France puts things at the fire in times of, kind of, family crisis.

The comedian is in an attempt to reunite with his son, who is a 16-year old model in Los Angels and dispises comedy.

Only for the sake of true love, Gad Elmaleh will not only sacrifice the limelight he gets in his hometown but also put his career at risk and move to LA and live with his son.

However, the comedian thinks he is inspired by this opportunity and is proud to be part of the Netflix family.

He also thinks that the project is incredibly personal but since it has a universal theme of a complicated father-son relationship, he will love to share it with the world.

Star Cast: Matthew Del Negro, Erinn Hayes, Scott Keiji Takeda

Release Date: 12th April 2019

Producer: Gad Elmaleh, Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul

Episode Guide: 8 Episodes, 1 Season


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