Flash Season 6, Flash of Lightning and Much More to Dazzle the Fans

the flash Season 5

In the upcoming season of Flash, we will see some significant but breath-taking revolutions taking place while getting the dis-oriented Earths back to their positions.

Flash, the superhero TV series following the life of our CW superhero, Flash will now drop it’s Season 6. Surely, Season 6 of Flash will be intensifying as hell.

In the upcoming season, we will witness the entry of Supergirl, and her die-hard efforts to save the world from overruling dangers. Consequently, we will see that all of the universes will tend to collide and converge, and Supergirl will die while saving all of the people.

So, after the death of Supergirl, Flash will have to come in the field to protect humanity by bringing all of the universes back on their positions. Let me tell you, he is the only one possessing the super ability to move on such super speed to do so.

So, it will surely be full of emotions, and heart-wrenching feelings to encounter such drastic events. Well, it was all about the start of Flash season 6 as this storyline is directly picked up from the comic version episode “Flash of Lightning” which is to be the second episode in Flash Season 6.

Moreover, this is how the Crisis on Infinite Earths will set up onwards. So, there’s a lot more to explore yet.

Let’s see how the makers will twist up and present the story in Flash Season 6.


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