Get to Know About the Entire Journey of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

With the arrival of Season 7, Journey of Orange Is the New Black will Reach its End

Orange Is the New Black is Netflix’s top-notch. OTINB got a huge fanbase since it embarked its journey in 2013.

Tonight on 26 July 2019, Netflix released “Orange Is the New Black Season 7”.

Orange Is the New Black follows the journey of Peper Champman, an inmate. The protagonist of OTINB set to highlight the real-life events of Peper Kerman.

Moreover, as the title, Orange Is the New Black symbolizes, the spectacular series of Netflix perfectly highlights the women in orange attires, the prisoners’ hardships and struggle in US prisons. 

The entire series consisted of 7 seasons set to throw light over Peper named inmate’s life journey in prison, convicted of money laundering.

OTINB now on the stake of its conclusion as it’s seventh and the final season has hit the screens hard.

Fans have always praised the series for its such unique plot which highlights the life struggles of women in prison, and particularly, the hot potato issue of Ethnicity, the difference in black, and white.
Apart from these, OTINB focuses on police riots and their immoral behavior with imprisoned women.

However, by the conclusion of OTINB, fans hope to have a happy ending with Peper settled out of jail. Moreover, fans want Alex’s and Peper’s relationship stabilized.

Now, the fans hope to see the makers will shape the whole series and lead the characters to have a neutral life.

As per expectation, OTINB will leave its followers and fans with teary eyes, but surely the tears of happiness

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