Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 2 Release Date

What will Zak finds in the club of deaths in Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 2


Here we will explain about the “Ghost Adventures Season 18” episode 2. When it will be released and some hints about the story-line.

But before explaining about the upcoming episodes. It is important to let the readers and fans to know about the previous episodes of “Ghost Adventures“. So, below we will take a short preview of the previous seasons.

In previous episodes, all of you find an investigation team to visit a place in Los Angeles called Freakling Bros.

Great potential being at a haunted house, and things were going as well as could be except for Mr. Bagans’ sing-song discourse about his fans. It was beating him up about always sending Aaron into places. Aaron is genuinely reluctant to go in.
One of the first rules of paranormal investigation is that you never let someone investigate alone.

Why? Two main things:

1) Safety

2) Evidence corroboration

This last one is the most important. “Evidence” cannot be deemed viable if it is witnessed by only one investigator with nothing else to verify it.

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Perhaps an IR camera could do as a “witness”. Certainly not evil or any other gadget that claims to listen to the spirits or allows the spirits to ‘manipulate the database.

And don’t believe for a minute that an EVP is evidence of a spirit nearby. The scientific community does not know what causes an EVP.  And yes, the phenomenon has been around since the 1930s and yes we have caught them without hearing anything in our ears.

But what exactly is it? Is it current or a past event playing back as on a tape loop? No one knows.

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However, in the upcoming episodes, the Zak is still there in Los Angeles working with his team. Solving another happening around the city. There are finding the mystery behind the numerous deaths taking place in the oldest gentleman’s club.

This season episode is coming out on 2nd March 2019. It will be scheduled to be air on Travel channel at 9 p.m. every Saturday.

Keep watching to know the secrets behind the deaths in the club.


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