After spending some time on the yoga mat, you have fallen in love with yoga and you wish to become a yoga teacher. But the main question that arises is how much time should you practice yoga to become a trained yoga teacher trainer?

Don’t worry, we have all the answers to these questions and all that you wish to know about become a yoga teacher trainer is explained here. If you are into yoga then you must have hear about the yoga teacher training India course. This course is affiliated with the Yoga Alliance and has multiple standards for the certifications. In sum, two of the most popular ones are RYT 200, 300 and 500. These numbers indicate the total number of hours that a person dedicates to the yoga teacher training. Once a student completed the RYT 200 successfully, he/she can successfully shift to the 300-hour course and then to the complete the RYT 500. In case someone is interested in doing it all at once then the best option can be choosing the 500 hours course at once.

In this article, we will have a detailed look at 200-hour yoga teacher training and the 500-hour yoga teacher training to get a basic idea about how much practice is needed in both of them. Let’s begin:

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A 200-hour course can be viewed as the initial step to turn into a yoga educator. You may consider it a wide prologue to yoga where you’ll become familiar with every one of the details any instructor should know; from appropriate arrangement to the showing technique and yoga theory.

Half of the 200 hours are committed to cleaning your procedure through guided redundancy and systematic preparing. This will assist you with improving and sustain your own training while at the same time understanding the reason and advantages of each posture. You’ll include Pranayama and contemplation sessions, and structure your very own class.

For 30 hours, you’ll study the way of thinking behind the training. You’ll find out about its history in customary writings like the Sutras and hear addresses on all parts of the yogic way of life. You’ll inundate in the moral piece of being a yoga instructor and the duty regarding your understudies and the network.

In any event 25 hours ought to be apportioned to the approach to really educate yoga. You’ll chip away at your relational abilities, finding your very own style, controlling a gathering and in any event, learning the business parts of being a yoga teacher.

The detailed study of life structures and physiology takes around 20 hours. During this time, you’ll understand the working of the body frameworks, the mechanics of the asanas and apply this data to stay away from wellbeing dangers and amplify the advantages of the training. You may likewise secure some data about vitality life structures to take a shot at the chakras and nadis.

The remainder of the time you’ll be helping different instructors and cautiously seeing how they do it. You’ll additionally have at least 5 hours rehearsing as the lead teacher of a class.


A 500-hour yoga teacher training is for genuinely dedicated specialists. This course is an actual existence changer that requires heaps of exertion, a lot of time committed to the training and authentic love for yoga.

The most widely recognized way of turning into a RYT 500 is to initially enrol as a RYT 200 and afterwards join a 300-hour yoga teacher training. Be that as it may, there are approaches to do every one of the 500 hours immediately. A retreat is the quickest method to accomplish this; such retreat will regularly take around 50-60 days, however, there are some concentrated choices that are only one month long.

A 500-hour course builds up similar parts of the 200-hour preparing (strategy, reasoning, life structures and instructing approach). The thing that matters is that all ideas are considered more top to bottom and you can build up your very own showing style by picking whichever classification you need to concentrate on. There’s an all encompassing way to deal with yoga where you’re urged to understanding and transmit the yogic way of life while doing yoga and also while not.


In addition to these courses, the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can be completed with many other certifications as well. All those courses have different requirements. When it comes to choosing the best one, it depend a person wants from the yoga teacher training. That answer will vary with respect to different people. In case you are just curious to know if you can become a yoga instructor or you just wish to deepen your practice then a 200 hour course is just what you need. In case you have been practicing yoga since a good period of time and you have a good knowledge of it then you must opt for the 500 hour yoga teacher training to get certified. Also, if you are a certification in the 200 hour yoga teacher training already then you could sign up for the 300 hour training to give yourself the RYT 500 certification. Lastly, if you have a certain kind of speciality in your mind then you can opt for getting a certification in a specific kind of yoga style.


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