How to Get Your Homework Done if You Don’t Want to


Homework is an integral part of the learning process. For some, it comes easy, but very often, students face a lot of problems when doing homework. The deadlines, the large amount of work to do, the problems with understanding the subject, laziness, and many other different issues cause trouble for students. And many of them don’t know what to do or how to get homework done. In this article, we tried to collect some useful tips on how to overcome yourself even if you don’t want to do your homework.

Stop procrastinating and begin to do it.

Well, yes, this advice could have been given by Captain Obvious, but even though it sounds like that, no one usually follows it. If you think that you are the only student who, after learning a task, estimates its difficulty, estimates how long it will take to complete, and then puts it off until the day before the deadline, then you will be surprised. You are far from the only one. Perhaps someday, scientists will be able to explain this phenomenon of the human brain. But for now, we just need to find a way to overcome this. Try to immediately solve at least one problem, do at least one exercise, or write one essay. Our brains tend to be better at remembering unfinished activities. That is why if you do at least part of the task, the Zeigarnic effect may work, and your own brain, which previously constantly postponed completing tasks, will not give you rest until you complete your homework in full. If you can develop this skill in high school or college, then when you start working, it will be much easier for you to cope with work goals and tasks.

Get rid of distractions.

Another way to do your homework, quite simple and difficult at the same time, is to get rid of all those moments that distract you from doing it. Agree, a dorm room is not the quietest place because there are neighbors who may want to have a party, listen to music, or watch a movie. And kicking your neighbor out of the room or complaining about the noise is not the best way to establish friendships with those with whom you have to communicate almost every day. Also, each of us has a phone, thanks to which we can be distracted for many moments at once. Your social networks, funny Tik Tok videos, chats with friends, and the list is endless. That is why, in order to do your homework, you need to learn how to eliminate distractions. If you need sound-absorbing headphones for this, buy them (they are useful not only for studying but also, for example, during flights). If, in order to calmly complete the task, you need to go to the library or retire to the park, then it’s better to do so. Why then experience unnecessary stress because of a bad grade, if you can just make a little effort on yourself and find a place where no one will distract or interfere with you? If you need chocolate and a large cappuccino, then buy everything, the main thing is that you will not be distracted later. And the phone would be best, if not turned off, then at least put into flight mode so that constant notifications do not distract you.

If you can’t do something on your own, ask for help.

There are situations when you can cope without outside help. For example, if you were asked to write 5 essays on various topics, and each of them should contain at least 3 pages, with a deadline for tomorrow, and you remembered about it in a couple of days, then the most correct solution would be to turn to a special service with the words, “write a paper for me,” so as not to take risks and make sure to do everything on time. If writing an essay is not your strongest side, then most likely the few days you have will not be enough for you to write at least something. Plus, if the topic is unfamiliar to you, you will have to spend extra time searching for sources and reliable material. Therefore, just trust the professionals and wait for quality work according to your deadline.

As another option, you can create a “Homework Club” with your friends. Surely each of you is strong in some particular subject, so why not help each other? If someone has problems with mathematics, one person can solve them, help write an essay, maybe another, and a third person will prepare a history report.  

Whichever option you end up choosing, the main thing is to make sure that your homework is done well and without errors, and also to hand it in on time, as teachers really appreciate punctuality. 










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