Why do you need the services of a Denver Car Accident Lawyer? 

Accident Lawyer

As per data accumulated, more than 100,000 accidents happen yearly in Colorado. Though no one expects to be involved in one, if you are in one by sheer bad luck, there might also be some legal complications apart from medical. For the unversed, Colorado is not a no-fault state. Also, Colorado follows the comparative negligence theory. So, if the court of law finds you responsible for this accident by less than 50%, you may claim compensation. 

Let’s check the steps to follow in case of an untoward collision in Colorado – 

What to do immediately? 

When you are in a crash, whether you have injured yourself or not visibly, here are the medical steps you have to take – 

  • Dial the Emergency Services 

If you are involved in a car accident and, in your senses, post that, you must call the emergency services. Even if there is no visible injury, there might be some internal injury. You can stop them from becoming worse if you seek medical help immediately. 

Also, legally, you will be ahead if later you wish to proceed with the case, whether about the compensation or insurance claims. 

  • Call the Police 

The next thing you need to do is call the police. It is a well-known fact that the Colorado state police has one of the highest response rates. There is a high chance they might be there before you make that call, but, in case they have not yet arrived at the scene – you need to report this matter (even if the collision is minimum). 

  • If possible, collect crucial information 

Lastly, when you have carried out the abovementioned actions, you need to collect crucial evidence at the earliest. If you are in a position – then take photographs, and exchange information with the other affected party, and if there is any spectator at the scene, do note his/her details (might be required for presenting your case later). Though the police officials will do the needful, you must be prepared with your details. 

Once you have followed the aforementioned steps, you will have to brace yourself legally. Therefore, you will have to dial the number of your Denver car accident attorney. 

What is the next step legally?

As per procedure, if you manage to call the police or they arrive at the scene – they will automatically chart the report of that accident. You will soon get a copy of the same and then contact your Denver car accident lawyer to take this case further. 

In case you are unaware – if you fail to report a car accident in Colorado, it is a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense. You will have to pay a fine (going up to $300 and also face jail time upto 90 days). Also, if someone is injured in this accident, and yet you do not report it, then you will commit a class 1 misdemeanor offense. 

Therefore, you need to understand what classifies as a formal car accident in Colorado state. 

What factors qualify this collision as a formal accident? 

Now that you have a fair idea about the immediate steps to take – apparently and legally, it is crucial to understand the factors that formalize any collision in Colorado state as a formal accident that must be reported to the authorities – 

  • If there was any injury – whatever might be the level of the same 

Was there an injury? Especially a visible one? In that case, this collision will be registered as an injurious accident, and the concerned party will have to pay the reparations. Also, with the police registering it formally, you will need an experienced Denver car accident attorney to deal with the legal issues pertaining to the same. 

  1. If the police issued a citation 

This is a crucial aspect that could change the case scenario, and you will require an experienced Denver car accident attorney to deal with the same. If the police have issued a citation and you have been cited, then you might not be able to make a car accident claim. But if not, then you do have a claim, and your attorney can take it further from there. 

  1. If the driving is categorized under – drunk/reckless/inattentive driving 

Another critical factor that will decide whether your accident is a formal one or not is – if it is found that you were driving under the influence, or as per the law, it was inattentive or reckless driving. 

In Colorado, if you have been inflicted with bodily or property damage, you have a right to bring a lawsuit against the other party. 

For the record – Colorado drivers carry at least $25,000 in terms of liability insurance while $15,000 for property insurance per incident per person/vehicle (the concerned party). 

  1. The insurance claims are under consideration 

This is another factor that is important in determining a formal accident from a minor collision. Only when an accident is escalated to the level of insurance claims (both for property and personal damages) by the police considering the damages is it registered officially as a formal collision. Then, your concerned lawyer will handle the matters in court. 

  1. When you document a loss of income 

One of the most crucial factors that categorize an accident as a formal collision is – if it results in any loss of income. Whether the damage is inflicted on the property or at a personal level, the concerned party has to make reparations, and this will be registered as a formal accident. 

The last note 

If you or your loved one is involved in a car accident in Denver or in Colorado state, these are some of the steps you must follow to ensure you are on the correct side of the law. 

Hopefully, this content could guide you in the right direction regarding the steps to be taken after an accident. Also, when you connect with your Denver car accident specialist attorney, he/she will guide you through the specifics of this case. 

Just make sure you connect with a reputed agency while choosing an attorney. Check their testimonials and market success rate before you decide to rest your case with them. 



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