How to make a resume for a teacher


Amongst the multitude of specific jobs out there, teaching requires a job candidate to specifically highlight their experience, education, and teaching techniques. Since teachers influence the minds of the next generations oftentimes more than the most vivid online influencers in their videos & blogs, it is important that a teacher is someone who is right for this position. And to demonstrate to a potential hirer that you are exactly such a person, you must pay close attention to making your resume.

How to make a resume for a teacher: what to show in this document

Any CV must contain regular blocks of data, such as your name, contact data, professional skills (soft and hard), work experience, specific training courses you have undergone and certificates you obtained, areas of competencies, languages spoken (if relevant), and the summary about who you are.

But because of the specifics of a teaching job, you must focus in detail on your educational practices, personal relevant education, coherent past experience that can contribute to the practical side of the material you will be teaching, and any niche certificates and knowledge that you have for this job. It will be also needed to highlight the names of the educational facilities you worked in (the importance of this rises with your teaching level and specialization; it is nearly non-important for preschool facilities and of absolute importance for colleges and universities, especially ones that are included in leagues).

The same as in any other CV, you shall tell about your achievements. In this case, it is information about the number of students you taught in the past, what were their most significant achievements (which are partially your merit), and what honors you might have received for your successes.

How to make a resume for a teacher using an online tool

Although teachers and professors have excellent skills in writing and structuring their thoughts, not everyone knows what a good-looking CV shall look like, especially in modern days. If you, as a teacher, have doubts, then a wonderful solution will be using a special tool designed to create resume in PDF

To work in it, any user has to have only a device connected to the Internet and about an hour of free time — that’s exactly how much you will need to make a new resume.

The CV2YOU is created to deliver good-looking documents in each case. Thus, it is a WYSIWYG tool, where you operate only with a mouse to click and select options and a keyboard to enter your variables. The creators of this tool took care of everything: ease of work in it, no need to format anything, original and well-perceived templates, which cater to the eye of HR managers around the world, and the possibility to save the result of your work in a PDF file (which smoothly opens on all devices and has the same look, no matter what screen resolutions or operating systems people use). That’s in addition to many supported languages.

So, are you ready to get started?


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