How to Make an Existing Salon More Successful

How to Make an Existing Salon More Successful

Being a salon owner can be difficult, no matter what stage your business is in. If you’re just starting out, it may be difficult to find, attract, and keep loyal clients, or to advertise your business in a crowded market. If you’ve already gained some traction with your hair salon, you may also be feeling the pressure to keep the positive momentum going. If you own an existing salon and are wracking your brain to think of ideas to keep your business successful and to freshen up your customer experience, keep reading for some great tips that are sure to keep you on the path to salon greatness.

Consider offering new products or services.

If you feel like your salon is doing well client-wise but seems to be missing something, consider getting some beauty salon equipment and expanding your offerings. If you purchase manicure tables and pedicure bowls you can start offering a full range of nail salon services where you ordinarily only offered hair services.

Your clients will appreciate your pivot into a “one-stop-shop” for their spa and beauty needs. And to really increase your sales, offer products for retail — everything from hair care, to wellness, beauty, fragrances. Think about it: your customers are already there, waiting for their appointment, and likely to purchase something that catches their eye. Finding brands and products for your store is easier than ever with the rise of wholesale marketplace, such as The Main Tab, which prides itself on being the go-to premium wholesale marketplace offering only fine brands.

Your clients will appreciate your pivot into a “one-stop-shop” for their spa needs. If you really want to increase ease of use, offer the hair and beauty products you use onsite to purchase right there in your beauty salon. You may even want to consider becoming an exclusive retailer for certain products or brands. Offer competitive prices so that your customers will come to you as opposed to a beauty supply store.

Keep your customer service and communications organized.

If you want to make your existing salon more successful, you need to make sure you are investing in your customer contact center and bettering their service experience. In the beauty industry, customers and clients very much value their customer service experience more than anything, and word of mouth of a great experience goes a long way.

Consider purchasing a contact center software that offers seamless integration of all the traditional channels of service, like voice and email, as well as more innovative communication platforms, such as SMS and Bot chatting. Bright Pattern is the only true omnichannel cloud platform that makes it easy for your customers and your support team to find and provide client service.

Freshen up the vibes in your salon.

A great way to boost the performance of your salon is by freshening up the interior decoration and salon equipment to make it feel like your clients are getting a whole new experience when they stop in for their haircut or salon service. Get some new upholstery or brand new salon chairs, or barber chairs if you are a men’s barber, to make the whole shop feel new and different than before. You can find a wide selection of salon equipment and spa equipment at Keller International, which specializes in bringing you high-quality salon furniture at an affordable price.

Hop on social media to connect with your clients and community.

In the modern age, it is almost expected that every business will have a social media presence on at least one social channel. Make sure you make an account for your barbershop so that people can contact you, find out what your hours and services are, and find additional information about your business. Business users and personal users alike love social media for its ability to connect to new people and communities from a variety of backgrounds, which would prove very beneficial for finding new clients to fill out your service calendar. Consider offering incentives to come in or patronize your business through social media, such as free shipping on a hair product or half off of a haircut or color.


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