How to Watch “The Rookie Season 2” Premiere Episode Online!

The Rookie Season 2 premiere and more details!

The Rookie Season 2

The Rookie Season 2 will show some shots of Nathan Fillion who is performing as John Nolan. He is the oldest member of the police department in Los Angeles. The Rookie is a great show for those who enjoy law enforcement shows out there. It teaches the audience that law enforcement officers are just the same as everyone else.

They’re not out to be bad guys, just men, and women who risk their lives every day in a war at the home front rather than foreign land. There are the soldiers on our streets making sure all the citizens are safe and really “to protect and serve.”

It shows the daily life of what a LE officer may experience through their job. But also at home and with their families. There are at times some violent situations that might frighten some viewers due to the calls the officers get. It really shows that it takes courage to face something that not everyone can handle. I hope this helped for anyone out there interested in watching it and enjoy the show.

The second season of the Rookie is running in cinemas now. The first episode of the Rookie Season 2 aired on Sunday at 10 PM. The first episode of the show titled “Impact”.

This is the best cop show. This show has enough comedy to make it believable with being a comedy and stupid. The reaction of the officers and the public and it does overdo this a bit.  Unlike real life, the public doesn’t have a script dictating how they are supposed to act. But it is enjoyable and the audience leaves the episode feeling good about the episode.


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