Into The Badlands Season 3 Full Episode 10: Release Date, And Trailer!

Badlands season 3 episode 10 is going to release on 25th March 2019.

Into The Badlands Season 3

This show is completely amazing, full of action, storyline, characters, and acting. If you have watched all the three seasons then you can’t say which one is best. Because every season has its unique story and screenplay. Great work in the direction, backgrounds selection, and sound effects.

What is it about?

Every character played his role very effectively. Waiting for the next season and hope it would be a great one too.

Everything is perfectly balanced: romance, comedy, realistic, grounded and portentous hand to hand combat, cinematography. AMC writers have brought the best martial arts show to ever air on television for you.

The plot is set in a futuristic medieval civilization known as the Badlands. The world is ruled by a feudal system consisting of barons, viceroys, regions, and clippers A.K.A. assassins. One of the most feared and notorious clippers is Sunny who has gone rogue after the murder of his wife. Sunny soon meets up with a young man M.K. who becomes his protégé. Eventually, the two take separate paths and M.K. learns that he possesses a power known as the gift.

There are other clippers in the Badlands who also possess this most wanted gift as it enables them to overpower any opponent that stands in their way.

For decades, the Badlands had been ruled by the most powerful baron Quinn who was always able to beat his rivals. Until he is eventually confronted by a new baron. The Widow who proves to be a much more cunning and powerful ruler than Quinn.

Barons come and go as the series continues and the battle for control of the Badlands continues. There are also many characters that are introduced.

Who Is In The Show?

The plot is clever, witty, action-packed, has unparalleled martial arts, is consistent and addictive. It is no big secret about AMC’s decision with the series. So the ultimate savior of the Badlands may come down to another network stepping in order to let the saga continue. Regardless this is one of the very best series in its genre.

There is Badji who is the only somewhat of a friend that Sunny has. Badji seems to know more about the Badlands than any other character. Even though he navigates the world in an impulsive manner. He is always finding himself in precarious positions but somehow always surviving.

The most recent character is Pilgrim who is vying for control of the Badlands using a different powerful approach based on faith.

While this is going on baron Chau has risen and is proving to be a contender for control over The Widow. As the battle continues Sunny and M.K. are eventually reunited under not so welcoming circumstances.

At this point, Sunny has been united with his son and is trying to save him as he possesses the black gift which is killing the infant. Sunny still refuses to bow to any man and simply put wants to live as a free man with his child.

As Sunny is seeking a cure for his son with the help of Badji by traveling to Azra. And eventually feeling he needs the help of Pilgram. As he learns that he has always been the catalyst of the black power which he possesses deep inside. At this point enters The Black Lotus who have been seeking out Sunny since his disappearance as a child.

So the battle for the Badlands continues on. Will it be The Widow, Chau, Pilgram or could ironically Sunny end up ruling the civilization. Time will tell.

When It Will Be Premiered?

However, the Badlands Season 3 full episode will release on 25th March 2019. This will entertain you more about the action and thrill. Have a look below on a premiere to have a better idea about the full episode.


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