Is GTA 6 Coming Soon? Spoilers to Launch with PS5


The GTA line-up of games has always been an iconic exemplary in the gaming industry. No wonder everyone is so desperate for a GTA 6 release date. The player base is huge, and sales records are off the charts, so naturally, GTA 6 launch is imminent.

Rockstar, the developer of the popular action-adventure video game, is mostly silent concerning their new release. We certainly believe that some news regarding the new game could come up anytime soon.

As you know, the GTA installment gap is almost four to five years. However, the case of GTA is quite different. Therefore it seems GTA 5 will come with Sony’s PlayStation 5 in 2020. There will be two interactive teased regarding new plans of GTA game.

Chief Executive officer, Strauss Zelnick said in Fy 2019 earnings conference call, ” We have the strongest development pipeline in the history in which sequels along with exciting new IP.” Moreover, Karl Slatoff echoed the same sentence. Karl Slatoff, Company President, also echoed the same.

Now, it is expecting that the le protagonist is coming in GTA 6 game. The female character was long overdue now if Rockstar decides the same then it will be a welcome move of the game. There is some general improvement in the gameplay, such as improvement in graphics. So we expect good things are coming in GTA 6.

Stay tuned with us updates, and we’ll update you more.


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