Line Of Duty Season 6: Rumored To Be Last Season In The Series!

Line of Duty is coming back again for another sequel: have all details about the upcoming season 6!

Line Of Duty Season 6

Line of Duty is the show for anyone who loves being on the edge of their seat. This high strung drama with very tense interrogation scenes broadcasting on BBC One. And it is also a rumored that it may be the final season of the series.

The writers of the show are absolutely amazing and so intelligent. As Line of Duty Season, 6 will make the viewers really think and second guess yourself as you try to subconsciously solve the plot.

Have a review of previous season 5 trailer to have some shot of the show.

The best thing is you never can, as the writers have the plot twists way ahead of you. This show is so addictive you cannot stop watching. Therefore, you can say that this is just a masterpiece of screenwriting, acting, and cinematography.

Now fans are seeking more adventure and thrill in season 6. This crime drama is based on the UK police. Till now the show has retained a viewership of 7.8 million and be the best shows of BBC One.

Line of Duty Season 6 plot is all about the tale of D.S Steve Arnott who is trying to cover up the situation in an encounter. As he is transferring to the anti-corruption department somewhere in the UK.

A special group of four people in the show will explore some basic issues of corruption. And also shed light on the interaction between the police and the criminals.

Fans are getting happy as they heard the news of season 6. Now they are waiting more anxiously. But they do not have to wait for more. As the Line of Duty Season 6 will be releasing somewhere in 2121. And till now there is no final news for the official premiere of the upcoming season 6.


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