Lost in Space season 2 Release Date: Has the show been renewed?

Lost in Space Season 2 release date, ttrailer, and more Info about the show

Lost in Space season 2

Lost in Space is remaking its sequel as Lost in Space Season 2. It is simply superb and has some more updates about the show. This show was airing on Netflix in the previous year.

This is a very imaginative and superbly executed sci-fi drama. The actors are likable and talented. The story is both engaging and at times, considerably emotional. The settings, props, and storyline are surprisingly good. Season 1 is great.


The plot is all about family difficulties and problem that they have in space. As their ship has lost in the space and they are making different tries to survive in the space and finding their ship. So that they can come back on earth.

This show of Dr.Smith become mysterious from Episode to Episode and goes on complicating things around Leads. It sometimes feels that they overdone with this Character as many things go in favor of Dr.Smith without much substance and effort.

This show is trying to be realistic maybe like ‘Martian’ and maker’s thrown in every possible difficulty that guys encounter in Space into Mix. But they have overdone with problems they encounter which seems like the problems are targeting leads for narrative convenience. But it is space and another planet so they are kind of justified.

Adding an alien robot in the show which helps them is just wow. You are lost in space and you find a robot to help you what else do you need.

Lost In Space Season 2 Release Date

There is no final date announced by the makers of the show.


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