Lucifer Season 4: Spoilers, Leaks Or More About The Fans Speculations!

Lucifer will be airing on Netflix soon and More About the spoilers and leaks!

Lucifer Season 4

Lucifer Season 4 is coming back on Netflix this week, and fans are getting crazy about it. Many rumors are circulating all around the web. Since Lucifer has shown his real face to Chloe. Now everyone is speculating what will happen next.  I have got some tidbits regarding Season 4 plot, so let’s uncover it.

Lucifer And Eve Have A Lot To Show

Usually, when you think of Lucifer tv show, you always talk about Lucifer and Chloe as a couple. Now it’s time to change this thinking pattern as Eve is coming as a real game changer.  The Show is not the same as it was in the first three seasons. In order to increase your interest and keep you engage, the storyline has changed, and there are some surprises and evil twists.

The original Sinner Eve is coming on the Show to ignite the situation. Lucifer won’t give up on his evil adventures, but you will see those adventures at an advanced level. He would like to spend some fun time with his new love Eve.  Showrunner Joe explained, “That image ties in with something that Lucifer is trying to achieve by not being himself.”

As Lucifer has changed, fans will notice this change quickly. It is a kind of transition which can’t be ignored for sure. Chloe is ignoring Lucifer after knowing who he is. So, Lucifer is doing all to handle this ignoring attitude or maybe he is doing all that for Eve. Who knows?

Fans Speculation

After watching the Lucifer Season 4 Teaser trailer, fans are very excited. They are paying attention to each and everything on the trailer to find a little clue of what is coming next in the Show.

As I mentioned before, you see in the last three seasons of Lucifer won’t be the same in the upcoming one. There will be a noticeable transition ahead.

Fans are showing great concern for a bowl of green apples. As Lucifer tempted Eve through a green apple, therefore, this bowl explains about the next move of Lucifer in the Show.

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