Lucifer Season 4 Spoilers Says Chloe Will Be The Devil’s Downfall!

Some speculations, spoilers theories about Lucifer season 4.

Lucifer Season 4 latest news

Lucifer is an American Urban fantasy comedy-drama and pretty predictable. It got famous among the viewers after the first season released. Recently, Lucifer 3 has been completed and the fans are now predicting more from the team makers of the drama serial Lucifer.

Therefore, after the long wait, the fans have good news of new season that is Lucifer Season 4 coming soon.

Lucifer is coming back again and bringing something new with him in this season. But fans are getting more curious with the relationship between the Lucifer and Chloe Decker.

Lucifer Season 4 Spoiler: Could Chloe Be His Downfall?

Netflix released its new teaser for fans to have some clicks of their favorite Lucifer. It will be giving some idea to the fans about the upcoming season. However, the romance and the affection between these two will be criticized by the viewers. As the audience assumed the Chloe Decker as a liability for the Lucifer in season 4.

Lauren German is playing the role of Chloe Decker as a mere human. And she may be trying to revealing the susceptibility of the Lucifer who is a Lord of the underworld.

Fans are predicting on Reddit with rumors and the spoilers about the upcoming season 4. Some of the fans posted on the Reddit and express their own recommendations. Like one from Reddit said.



“I mean think about it a little, the devil with a human? I mean I badly want them to have a happily ever after but I think Lucifer will eventually be heartbroken and he’ll just give up and go back into hell or retaliate against his dad.”

Redemption Ahead For Lucifer In Season 4?

While some fans have a defensive theory about the Chloe Decker and they want to see the Lucifer 4 series with a happy ending. Although, Chloe Decker is a crucial character in the series.  And fans assumed her as a key to getting out from his hell.

If we are talking about the spoilers then one fan wrote something like below,



Well, besides all they want to have a happy ending of Lucifer 4 at all.


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