Lucifer Season 5: After time skip, Fans Prediction to resume the series

Lucifer season 5

On of famous Netflix series Lucifer season, five is coming, and fans want to watch very soon. Therefore, very anxious to know about its release date and cast. Fans are speculating about the Lucifer season 5 and surprising about that will there be a time skip series. Let’s talk about it.

Many time official source and the fans expect the next season fate on the performance of the previous season. If we talk about Lucifer Season 4, that was open-ended, and the show can take any direction. Devil had to go through some tough times at the end of season four and decide whether should be return or not? However, Chloe Decker tries to stop Lucifer from doing this, but Lucifer does not change his decision.

The final scene was about the Lucifer when he was sitting on throne I Hell and loo down the kingdom. Now we are expecting there will be Lucifer season 5 if Lucifer decides to leave Hell once again. Therefore we can say that Lucifer’s return shall be featured after a time skip.

Lucifer season 5 will all about the return of Lucifer to Hell. So let’s see what is more interesting is coming on the way of Lucifer season. We are talking about the time skip because this situation makes sense. There will be much time for Lucifer to establish the authority and take care of demons before returning to Earth.

Here I’ am also sharing a tweet in which fans are demanding Lucifer Season 5. Just look at it.

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