Lucifer Season 5: Has release date confirmed by the Cast Stars?

Lucifer Season 5

As you know Lucifer Season four was one of the hit series of Netflix and people are waiting for the next season 5. Yes, Lucifer season four came a few days ago, but many people have watched all ten episodes and asking on Twitter for the fifth series.

Recently cast star hinted about it that might be the show renewed soon for the next. As you know the last year, Fox canceled the series and refused to stream it. But the online campaign remained successful, and Netflix picked Lucifer season 4.

There is some cliffhanger at the end of Lucifer season four therefor fans desperately want season 5. Therefore, fans want to know what will be next. So here we brought some official spoilers for beloved fans. Lasley Ann Brant who plays Maze recently said it’ll return for the fifth installment and also said, ” the trailer got four million views that’s why we are humble at this craziness. I hope there would be more story to tell you because there is a massive cliffhanger. So I don’t see how we don’t have season five.”

The conversation is not ended here she revealed that ” there is an epic cliffhanger at the end of season four, then how can we imagine there is no season five. We’re going to break more series, so let their voices be known to Netflix.

So now just relaxed and wait for the lucifer season 5.


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