Breathtaking Trailer of An Astronaut Lucy in The Sky


Lucy in the sky is an upcoming drama film. It is a solid and very heavy movie. Natalie Portman’s first trailer has released. The previous title was “Pale Blue Dot”. It is a story of an astronaut.

Natalie Portman plays a successful role as an astronaut. Natalie as Lucy goes in space for a prolonged time. The life of Natalie begins to spin out of control after returning from space. The theory of the story is that astronauts will lose touch with reality.

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Life and Affair of Lucy after returning back from space:

Lucy comes back on earth after a long mission. She begins her affair with her space fellow. She involves too much with him, even Lucy loses her connection with her family. John Hamm is the name of her lover.

As a result of his infidelity, she ends up an affair with him. The reason behind this is that he starts sleeping with an astronaut trainee. Dan Stevens is the husband of Lucy in the movie.

John Hamm’s affair and scene drop off

Actually, the movie explores the activity of an astronaut Lisa Nowak. She is involving in some unproven criminal activities. Moreover, she is a lover of Lucy’s lover, John Hamm. But, the scene finishes when Lisa cheat up on John by starting an affair with William Oefelein. He is also an astronaut.

Lucy in the sky 2019 trailer

Cast Stars

Natalie Portman as Lucy

Jon Hamm

Ellen Burstyn

Colman Domingo

Dan Stevens

Joe Williamson




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