Make Your Event a Big Success with Event Technology Guidelines 2019

Here are event tech guidelines for 2019 if you wish to use those technologies for your good.

Event Technology

With New Year comes new things. As for 2019, new event technology has been introduced or old ones have been renewed. Here are event tech guidelines for 2019 if you wish to use those technologies for your good.

 Event Technology

It is the technology that is used during events to manage planning processes, engage attendees, and provide ROI analytics and security for the public attending the event.

Earlier in recent years, the events were hosted in a different way. The attendee’s list was made on excel or on-paper. Promotions were done on print medium and mail services. The worst part was to keep the record of the efficiency of elements that create an event.

In the modern day, event marketers can choose from a variety of complex technologies for their events. A whole event successfully occurs when every piece of event technology pile does its role perfectly. Due to event technology, creating a website, increment event registrations, and event promotion can take place.

Directing Event Technology

Having all these technologies might be a blessing but if you don’t know which is supposed to be used and fits best for your need, it would be useless for you. It’s extremely important to know how event technology is navigated. Before executing any event you must know well about your business’s needs. You must know what trends are supposed to be followed presently, and what personalization you want in your event.  Knowing the purpose of event tools is an important factor, and this is why we are here to give a complete guideline about event tech, so you know which one fits your event best.

Types of Event Technology

  1. Venue Sourcing Tools:

These are event tech tools are used by event planners when they want to search, browse, and filter about avenue in their preferred location.  Dozens of tools for venue and space search have been introduced few are,

  • EventUP

This tool lets the event organizer message the venue owner directly. They have exclusive knowledge of event venues from Small Avenue for parties to big avenues for corporate events.

  • Splacer

This tool provides videos and historical backstories which gives a good touch and this is believed to be most responsive during avenue search.

  1. Event Website Builder

Making a website for your event is an essential digital aspect. Having a website means the attendees will be able to see important event details, can do registration and avail tickets online. Following tools can be used to create such an important part of your event.

  • Wix

Wix provides drag and drops website making tools. Some of the Wix options are paid and some are free, but this site is worth trying.

  • WordPress

It is a free open content organizing system. The users who are good at coding, this site is for them.

  • Bizzabo

This event marketing platform allows you to make a stunning website with all retable tools and it also manages registrations, tracking and promotes your event.

  1. Event Registration Management Tools

Event registration tools are used in many ways to increase the number of attendees. Some event registration tools are multi-tasking and can play a part with other event apps while some only specifically manage event registrations.

  • Boomset

Boomset is designed in a way that does self-check-ins, also prints badge and tracks multi-session.

  • Bizzabo

Bizzabo is capable of doing event registration as well. You can personalize visitor’s traffic, join in social media registrations and gathers all the data if attendees together.

  1. Event Agenda Tools

Event agenda tools provide attendees about the info to select, customize and manage their meanwhile the event and this tool can also let attendee make their own schedule and rate the speakers and their sessions.

  • Bizzabo

The event agenda tool of Bizzabo is loaded with many tools for custom branding, featuring sponsors, gathering feedback and much more.

How to Find the Best Event Technology

Event tech review sites can really be useful when comes to knowing about which tech is best. As these sites hold proven testimonial of the tools that have provided results in the events. They show all the insights, analysis, pros, cons and other details that won’t be available on the product’s main site. Following are some sites that might are proven beneficial.


It is a very good review site. They have built-in categories made for the most popular, most affordable, and most user-friendly sites.

Software Advice

This site helps event organizers in recovering search results along with the buyer’s insights for more guidance so you can choose the best fit for your event.

Event Technology Considerations

Keep these key things in your mind for a better event tech search.

  • Ask Sales Reps information.
  • Take second opinions.
  • Go through event tech guides.
  • Choose software that aligns with your business plan.


Choose your event tech wisely and consider current market trends. While executing a tech event, you will need IT equipment and iPad rental by HireTablets are known to be professional renting best IT devices for your tech event.


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