Upcoming 3D Animated series Toy Story 4, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Toy Story 4

In today’s world, everyone loves the 3D animated series. Toy story is an upcoming American 3D animated comedy movie.

Pixar Animation studio developed this fantastic cartoon series. Three installments of the toy story have been completed, and now forth one is on the way. The fourth series is coming after almost eight years.

Let’s talk about 3D animated series Toy story 4 and it’s plot cast and trailer.


The story features a story of friendship between different characters. Andy gave his toys to Woody, Buzz, Bonnie.

However, Bonnie make some new toys from crafts and arts which called Forky. Therefore, they all face problems. Forky feels depressed about being a toy, and their friends try to help him and understand how to be a toy.

Furthermore, Bonnie goes on a road trip with her family; therefore Forky tries to escape, and Woody saves him. Buzz and other fellow try to find Wood, while Woody finds a new friend Bo Peep from the town’s shop.

Woody priorities his kids and he declares himself as trash when Bonnie make new craft project toy Forky.

Well, in the trailer, Bonnie’s hair clip looks stunning. You can see some dummies in Gabbie’s room who chase Woody at one point.


Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale Annie Potts will return in Toy Story 4 as Bo Peep after absent from Toy story 3.

Moreover, Don Rickles signed for the role of Mr. Potato, but he died in 2017.

Trailer of Toy Story 4

Well, first Toy story four was set to broadcast on 16 June 2017, but it delayed. Now, it’s schedule is on the table, according to it, toy story four will release on 21 June 2019.

Just see the trailer and share your views.


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