Mayan MC Season 2 The Upcoming American Show Release Date!

Let you know about the release date of American upcoming show Mayan MC Season 2.

Mayan MC Season 2

This show, yes, has many different stories, that can be hard to keep track off. But they all come together to form a seamless whole. Which in truth outshines SOA (Sons of Anarchy) on every level.

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It doesn’t get bogged down on just one brother’s pain, like you seen with jacks and how it bleed into how the show went. And the outcomes that led to the story going the way it did.

However, it’s great to see a show not playing it safe, taking risks, and not being able to see where the said story is going is a blessing in itself.

And fans can’t wait for Mayans MC Season 2. Good to see how past characters from SOA have been added in. But not in a way that takes away from the stories own image.

Fans would highly recommend for all those who love action. But also a story that goes behind it, which is colorful and has a flare of its own.

Kurt Sutter is an excellent writer and his concept of the`Sons of Anarchy’ molded into a Latino gang with border connections. It is an entertaining and believable follow-up to his SOA success.

In previous season real-life gangs such as the Banditos and Mongols have members with Chicano roots. They lending a determined realism to the fictional story of a biker gang in league with cartels, drug tunnels. And even illegal alien smuggling on the side.

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As with SOA, a criticism of the show is the portrayal of women. Who is either helpless observers or even Emily, who has a hope of upraising her status as a shot-caller in Season 2, is portrayed in season 1 being strangled by her husband.

So watch the upcoming Mayan MC Season 2 in September 2019. And Enjoy!


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