Michael Nankin’s Film “Chris Watts Confession of a Killer” Cast, Release Date and Storyline!

Chris Watts Confession of a Killer

Chris Watts Confession of a killer is a Michael Nankin’s film in which a man fails to lie detector test. He confesses that he killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters.

Christopher Lee Watts is a culprit who kills his wife Shan’ann in the morning of 13 August 2018. Christopher killed his family and then admitted to the police that he killed his pregnant wife by Strangling.

Moreover, he killed his daughter by deprived of oxygen. After that, he disposes their bodies in oil tanks and his wife in a shallow grave at work site.

It is really a shocking story that can bring tears to anyone when they hear this. It is made on the true story. The movie will hit the screen on 25th January 2020.

in the leading cast of the film, Ashley Williams as Shan’ann Watts and Sean Kleier as Chris Watts are mentioned.

As I said earlier, it is a horrific story of a man who murdered his family in which his wife and daughter included. After that, confess in front of the police.

People first see Chris Watts on television for the safe return of his family, however after this story starts to fall apart and he fails a lie detector test, and then he told about all the story of the crime. The story is terrified but interesting as well that will come in 2020.


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