Mr. Robot Season 4 Release Date come with a Bad News

Mr. Robot Season 4

Mr. Robot is one of the top-rated TV shows of USA Networks. The viewers have already enjoyed its first three seasons, and now they are waiting for the next installment. In this article, I am going to share details of Season 4 and also there is bad news for the viewers.

Good news is that Mr.Robot Season 4 is coming soon. You can watch this show sometime close to Christmas. The show will have a Christmas special episode and it is confirmed. This means that your new season might start sometime in November or December 2019. There is no official release date yet.

Mr. Robot Season 1 started in 2015 and it enjoyed a quick fan following praise and critics response. The second season came in 2016 with 10 new episodes and they were as amazing as the first show was. Mr. Robot Season 3 released in 2017 and it also had 10 episodes. Now if the showrunner Sam Esmail followed the same schedule then its season 4 was due in 2018.

Fortunately, Mr.Robot season 4 renewed in 2018 and its production began in November 2018. The production team is adding the final touch to the show.

So, what is the bad news? I am feeling so bad to announce that Mr.Robot Season 4 is going to the final season of the series. There is no more season coming. I know this news will break the heart of Elliot’s fandom but Sam Esmail has confirmed that.

Mr. Robot Season 4 will conclude Elliot and his fellows story. As it is the last season, so we have high expectation. According to Rami Malek, the ending of the show will be “very climatic”. It means that you can expect a big twist in the story and also very thrilling moments.

Mr. Robot Season 4 will be released in Winter 2019. Do you want to see another season of Mr.Robot or you are just happy that Elliot’s character is getting the final touches? Share your opinion with us.


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