Netflix Cancels Sci-Fic ” The OA Season 2″ Brit Responds to the Cancellation

The OA Season 2

Netflix has been scrapped off The OA series after two successful seasons. ‘The OA” was the highly ambitious project of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. in an Instagram post; Brit Marling expressed her sad feeling on the cancellation of the show.

She said to fans; she will not be able to complete the story of this particular show. However, she also promised for other stories in replacing. Moreover, she posted a heartfelt note for the fans who always ask why she chooses science fiction series.

She answered that dilemma she has to introspect a lot and could come up with a thought out answer for it. Furthermore, she said that she hardly inspired by the stories in the real world, if you have not felt free and liberated in it.

She thinks that the real world is limited to a woman. She decided to write just like everyone else and propagating the linear ideology of inbuilt hierarchies in society. She could write about the marginalized women but want to glamorize the difficulties that are in.

She could write about the lens of self-deprecation; however, Hannah sai in Nanette she will trade her self for a chance to get in. Well, she is thankful for the support and promised them that they would come up with some exciting stories.


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