Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” is Being Accused of Increasing Suicidal Rate Among Teenagers, will the Season 3 Release?

13 Reasons Why

Netflix’s Teen Drama “13 Reasons Why” Appears to be the Reason Behind Increased Suicidal Rate Among Teenagers in America!

13 Reason Why 

No doubt, 13 Reasons Why has been the best sensational teen drama since its beginning. Viewers have always praised it for its best portrayal of spoils and exploitation of teens’ personal and social lives.

However, critics have also given negative remarks over this contentious teen drama as it highlights several agonizing and tormenting events of teens’ lives including physical abuse, mental abuse, and rape which woefully triggers suicides.

Has Increased Suicidal Rate in America Any Link to 13 Reasons Why?

As per the reports, the suicidal rate among teenagers in the US increased after the release of 13 reasons why. Suicide has become the 3rd leading cause of death in America, and mostly the victims are teenagers.

13 Reason Why appears to be immensely deleterious because it highly affects the minds of teenagers. The distressed teenagers being bullied by their family, friends or society may appear to take some drastic steps to get rid of their pain even without thinking about the circumstances. Such drastic steps include suicidal attempts which need to be taken under consideration to protect obtuse and distressed teens.

What 13 Reason Why Actually Intended to Portray?

Though, the series also proves to be the best platform to spread awareness about teen life. It makes children and teenagers aware of several agonizing truths of life, and how to deal with them wisely. It somehow works like vaccination, insert the dead germs in the body so that it builds immunity even before the attack. Likewise, this series may succeed in alerting teens and their parents about such tormenting and painful events which the teens suffer all alone.

Will 13 Reason Why Season 3 Release?

As per the news, after taking all this in view, Netflix has decided to conclude 13 Reasons Why. It may reach its conclusion with the release of its Season 3.

As per expectation, Season 3 will soon hit the screens to tumult the lives of fans with some new highly intense sequences!


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