On My Block Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Trailer!

The On My Block Team Knows How Much You Love Them. They All Returning Back For Season 2

On My Block Season 2

This is one of the best shows ever that is anticipated on Netflix! It doesn’t depict life as perfect everything and it actually shows the struggles that teenagers have to go through every day.

All cast is ready and excited to come back again for On My Block Season 2. A really heartfelt show if you are looking for drama with a mix of comedy. This show is perfect. Express many feeling about how four friends work together and fight through high school.

It teaches how to stick together and know how people are going through stuff you might not know. I just want to say this show is the most amazing, spectacular, impressive, outshining show people had seen. So they can’t wait until season two anyways show some love to “On My Block”.

It’s about teenagers trying to face high school and problems like Jamal with football and roller world. Ceaser with Latrelle and the gang, Monse finding more about her mom and her relationship with Ceaser, and Ruby with Olivia.

Then the last episode where they left a good cliff hanger but it believes that Olivia may die. Because usually when ambulance lights turn off that means the person has died and where they mention the cast it says guest starring Ronni Hawk who plays Olivia.

And now the fans are ready for drama, humor, anger, and last sadness Season 2. This show is a good one on Netflix.

As the release date for season 2 is not finally announced for season 2. But it is expected to release in the fall of season 2. Must watch to get more entertainment.


Here you can see the teaser trailer for season 2. Have a look.



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