Ozark Season 3 Will Return on Netflix After Summer

Ozark Season 3

Ozark season 2 completed in August 2018 and renewed for a new season. The news is confirmed by Jason Bateman who is a director, producer and cast star of season Ozark.

He confirmed season three last year in his tweet and said ” I am happy for me because Ozark third season is officially on the way.

We are expecting; season three will more dangerous as compared to the previous two seasons. As we all well aware of Marty’s wife casino boat and his husband will use it to launder millions of cash for the drug cartel.

Ozark’s fans think the Ozark season three will more focus on that point and fans will see how Marty will continue money laundering through it.

Furthermore, Ozark season has much curiosity. As we saw in the previous season, A mysterious gunman killed Cade Langmore. Now the suspected persons are Marty, Ruth, and Wyatt. The investigation of Cade langmore’s murder will also be solved in Ozark Season three, while things will worse for Marty.

Well, the old villain of Ozark series has killed, but there will be a new antagonist that could be Wendy. Fandom is getting e eager for the Ozark season three. So, the female characters will be the main points of the story in Ozark season three.

However, the next installment of the series three will premiere in Summer and on Netflix in September. Ozark Season 3 will show real women empowerment.


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