Prison Break Season 6 Cast Spoilers Leaked

Prison Break Season 6

Prison Break Season 6 production has begun and creators of the show confirmed that new season will hit Fox and with brand new format and iteration.  I have got some spoilers regarding this upcoming season. So, stay tuned and know more.

Who is in the Cast of Prison Break Season 6?

The old Cast of Prison Break is coming back on the Season 6. It means that Wentworth Miller will come back as Michael Scofield and Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows. Dominic has confirmed that they are coming back with Prison break 6 on his Instagram account.

Rumors suggest that Alexander Mahone will come back to Prison Break. Fans want to see him in the Season 5 but he made no show in the last season. We saw him sitting on the grave of Michael in the last episode of Season 4.

Will Mohane Return in Prison Break Season 6?

It is not yet confirmed by the creators but if he comes back then show is going to be really exciting. Alexander Mahone is a very powerful character he is the best-known manhunt.

William Fichtner portrays the role of Alexander Mahone who is a special agent of FBI. He is specialized in the manhunt of escape prisoners for 14 years. Fans love this fictional character which first time showed up in the Prison Break Season 2.

Though it is not yet confirmed whether Mahone will make a wild entry in Season 6 or not yet it is possible. Paul Scheuring is the creator of Prison Break. He said that there is a fifty-fifty chance that Mohone might return. However, his return is still a mystery.

Prison Break Season 6 was confirmed last year and it is in the production. As far as the release date is confirmed, Fox didn’t mention anything so far. But we can expect that it might come in Winter 2019.

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