Roswell, New Mexico Episode 6: The Things That You May Not Know!

Roswell, New Mexico is an American drama and science fiction television series, developed by Carina Adly Mackenzie for The CW.

Roswell, New Mexico Episode 6

Here you will find the release date of upcoming Roswell New Mexico episode 6. That is airing each Tuesday.

Previously, major fan of the original show and disappointed beyond words about this reboot. The writing is awful and the story is full of cliché as per modern day standards. A nod to politics here, a splash of gay representation there.

What next? An alien “metoo” movement or a Brexit from planet earth? The world is overwhelming enough with all that’s happening right now without having to be reminded of it through the condescending dialogues of what should be a relaxing sci-fi show.

This “Roswell New Mexico Episode 6” is going to release on 26th February 2019. This show is airing on CW TV channel at 9 PM on Tuesday. You can also watch it online on the WC channel app.

There is no continuity with the old characters and no coherence with the original story. As you know it’s a reboot but aside from the slight chemistry between J.Mason (Liz) and N. Parsons (Max) everything else is a lot of bits and bobs glued together.

In previous episodes, the original Roswell examined into the character’s world effortlessly. While taking on an emotional journey in which each of them slowly evolved from secured alien outcasts.

Not sure about how the rest of the season will be developed but you can definitely not going to find out. Knowing how loved Roswell will be and the sort of dedicated fans. It still has, more effort should have gone into making this reboot to the same high standards.

Furthermore, Alex and Michael’s connection will be discovered in further episodes.


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