Sacred Games Season 2: When It Will Release And More Updates!

Netflix announces Sacred Game season 2 will be coming soon in 2019!

Sacred Games Season 2

Sacred Games is definitely one of the best thriller-shows that you have seen. This is no ordinary story of a cop and a gangster. It has a twist. The show is very well written and the screenplay is amazing too.

It truly lives up to its title Sacred Games as the episodes are in themselves a type of puzzle each with a different name and a symbol that the viewer is trying to solve since the very first episode. It is one of the famous show on Netflix as it got a large number of subscribers after streaming it.

So now it will be going to launch its season 2 with more mysterious games and adventure. Here I will tell you everything about the show. Check below.


“Sacred Games” Netflix’s first original Indian web series is Masala Chai but made for the international audience. Prepared with Indian ingredients of flavor, color, and emotion, steamed in western production values and rigidly served like a thriller should be.

Adapted from the book by Vikram Chandra, it is actually an extensive autobiography of the fascinating city called Bombay, Mumbai for us Millennial. It shows religious, political and economic developments in India during the 80s and 90s intertwine with the characters’ lives. But thankfully do not move away from the attention of the viewer from what it is a Crime Thriller.

The series is itself gripping right from the first episode until the end. Scared Games is not your typical crime thriller with clichéd flawed cop characters and sudden twists. This is a Social commentary/crime thriller.

You will have a good cop Sartaj Singh played by Saif Ali Khan to perfection who is thrown into the middle of a deadly case that has difficulties to the entire country. There is a parallel narrative that is narrated by Don Ganesh Gaitonde played by the brilliant Nawaz-ud-din as you follow Sartaj trying to solve this complex mystery with a deadline of 25 days.

Updated on 23 March 2019

As the fans of Sacred Games are anxiously waiting for the season 2. They are too much excited after having another installment of their most loving show on Netflix. However, all of you know that the show is under the development process. But Netflix exposes some announcement for a release date by tweeting on the account. Have a look below:

However, this tweet is in Hindi so I have translated it. It says: Check out the calendar and mark the date. Something very big is going to happen after just 14 days. So, it must be about the Sacred Games as the show has such languages and dialogues.

Updated on 6 May 2019

However, Netflix showing more information about the show through different social media networks. As first, it has uploaded a status about the show on Twitter. Now it uploads another status that is showing more information and updates about the Sacred Games.

Sacred Games 2 Trailer

Here you can watch a teaser trailer for Sacred Games 2. Watch below:

However, let’s have a look at another trailer recently release just a day ago.


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