Salman Khan May Launch Niece Alizeh Agnihotri In Dabangg 3!

Salman Khan May Bring Some New Faces In Dabangg 3!

Dabangg 3

Dabangg 3 is truly textbook fare. It was loud, crazy, zany, exaggerated, larger-than-life, almost generously peppered with the mandatory. It has an amazing collection of songs and dances that keep popping out of nowhere and is literally be full of with star charisma.

Most importantly, it is not meant to make sense. It’s only meant to entertain. And entertain, it does in overdoses. No, this isn’t meant for people who are looking for different cinema. Nor is it meant for the viewer who likes movies to appeal to his head. Yet, for those who celebrate and entertain the ‘silliness’ of mainstream masala movie lore. And swear by its popcorn quotient, Dabangg 3 is the greatest getaway of the season.

So the actors in previous Dabangg seasons are busy. So, the Salman Khan may have been observing Alizeh for Dabangg 3. Salman Khan has a high edge for always launching a new face to the Bollywood industry. Most of them have already a Bollywood background.

Dabangg 3 May Have Alizeh and Ashwami as New Entry

Bollywood is such a supple industry that always have some space for the newcomers in it. Therefore, the great actor of Bollywood industry Salman Khan is going to launch his niece Alizeh Agnihotri for his upcoming Dabangg 3. Alizeh is Salman’s sister daughter. And the father of the Alizeh is also a filmmaker Atul Agnihotri.

Another amazing news for the viewers is that they have some other new face in Dabangg 3 suggested by the Salman. And that new face is the Ashwami daughter of Mahesh Manjrekar. Nowadays Salman Khan is currently busy in the shooting of Dabangg 3 in Mumbai, India.

Salman’s co-star Sonakshi Sinha is playing the role of Salman’s love as Rajjo in this movie. But still, there is no final cast announcement for the casting of Ashwami and Alizeh. So let’s see what will be the final announcement for Alizeh and Ashwami Manjrekar. As Salman is going to launch his Bharat that is coming out on 5th June 2019 with the cast of Katrina Kaif and Disha Patani.


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