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Sbi Debit Card Emi

SBI Debit Card EMI-In the month of October 2019, the banking company of India (SBI) introduced SBI revolving credit EMI facility to its choosing customers. The United Nations agency had higher bank records and CIBIL rating. Below this SBI revolving credit EMI facility, the essential Indian banking concern allowed its  customers to convert the revolving credit payments into six to eighteen months EMI. So, those SBI client United Nations agency has paid mistreatment SBI revolving credit through PoS (Point of Sale) machine has currently the luxurious to covert SBI revolving online credit payment into six to eighteen EMIs.

While choosing this SBI debit card EMI provides, a number of the advantages that customers will avail of below this service embrace zero documentation, no processing fee, no branch visit, the instant disbursal, and 0 prices EMI choose brands. The SBI revolving credit EMIs can begin one month once the completion of SBI revolving online credit dealings. According to the SBI, Debit Card EMI can alter customers to shop for sturdy client merchandise on EMI at numerous bourgeois stores pan India mistreatment their debit cards while not paying entire quantity straightaway. This facility is often availed in but a moment no matter the present saving checking account balance.

Debit Card EMI

  1. Firstly the thing you may have to be compelled to swipe your SBI open-end credit on the POS Machine at the bourgeois store.
  2. After swiping, choose complete EMI and so select the choice of Bank EMI.
  3. Then after doing the last step, enter the required quantity and compensation tenure consistent with your convenience.
  4. The POS Machine at the bourgeois store checks whether or not you’re eligible for the open-end credit EMI or not also if the quantity is inside the pre-approved limit or not.
  5. On being eligible, enter your open-end credit PIN and press ‘OK.’
  6. After you press the OK button, your loan quantities will be set aside, and POS can receive a victorious message.
  7. The POS machine also will print the ‘Charge Slip’ that may contain the terms and conditions of the loan. You may have to be compelled simultaneously to check in this slip.
  8. Online EMI
  9. To want SBI open-end credit EMI, log in to Amazon or Flipkart via your registered mobile range with SBI.
  10. Choose the merchandise you wish to get together with your open-end credit and convert it into simple EMIs.
  11. After adding the merchandise into the cart, proceed with payment.
  12. You may see multiple choices on the ‘Payment’ section – web Banking, Debit/Credit Card, Payment Wallets ( PayTM, PhonePe, etc.), and simple EMI. You may have to be supposed to choose the straightforward EMI possibility.


  1. After selecting simple EMI, you may once more see many bank choices and SBI. Select it to proceed any.
  2. The quantity is going to be auto-fetched. You may solely have to be compelled to enter the tenure. After this, click on the Proceed.
  3. You can see the SBI Login Page wherever you may have to be compelled to fill in your net Banking or open-end credit credentials.
  4. After work in, your open-end credit EMI will be set aside as soon as you settle for the terms. And conditions displayed on the screen.

Features and Edges

  1. SBI debit cardholders will want associate EMI tenure starting from half-dozen to eighteen months.
  2. You will avail of advantages like zero documentation and no processing fee.
  3. Also, you’ll get pleasure from the advantages like instant disbursal, no branch visit, and 0 values EMI on selected brands.
  4. The EMIs can begin once one month once the dealing is complete.

EMI Facility

  1. SBI account holders that have lovely credit history square measure eligible for availing of the zero-cost EMI facility.
  2. If you have got associate SBI open-end credit, you’ll check your eligibility by causing associate SMS writing DCEMI to 567676 from your registered mobile range.
  3. Once you send the message, you may get your loan eligibility and bourgeois name from wherever you’ll avail of the supply.
  4. When you create payment at the shop, apprize the shop govt to swipe your open-end credit dealing within the EMI mode and choose the most popular tenure.
  5. Your dealing can get reborn into EMIs, and it’ll begin deducting once one month from the dealing done.

How to claim SBI Debit Card EMI

Those who use SBI internet baking will convert their SBI Debit Card EMI as they are doing it by changing their SBI MasterCard online payment by merely choosing the EMI possibility of payment. Those that cannot use SBI internet baking will send AN SMS at 567676. The text message should be within the format “DCEMI.” once receiving this text message, and the SBI can send you a reply regarding your eligibility and different terms and conditions. They’re going to additionally send you possibilities regarding the EMI tenure starting from six to eighteen SBI revolving credit EMIs beside different details (both on your registered mobile variety and, therefore, the email ID). Once you offer your nod, your SBI revolving credit EMI can become offered from the next month.

Getting EMI Facility on Your SBI Debit Card

Central Banks provide EMI on debit cards to form online looking additional comfortable. In jointly with leading e-commerce sites, the feature has been extended. The service is offered to SBI’s pre-selected customers. Revolving credit EMI permits users to buy something notwithstanding their bank balance. Once an individual desire to shop for one thing but does not have enough cash, the choice to “Pay Later in simple Installments” comes in handy. SBI revolving credit EMI offers a similar possibility of breaking down transactions of up to agency 8,000 into manageable monthly payments. You’ll be able to convert your transactions to simple EMIs with SBI revolving credit EMI at each POS and e-commerce portal (Amazon and Flipkart).

Checking Eligibility for SBI Debit Card EMI

  1. Firstly Step 1: Visit the provide page from
  2. Step 2: Enter your mobile variety and checking account variety.
  3. Finally Step 3: Click on check eligibility a way to check revolving credit eligibility with SMS

To see Eligibility

Send SMS DCEMI to 567676 from your registered mobile no to SBI.

  1. Step-1: sort DCEMI
  2. Step-2: Send the message to 57575. You may be notified via SMS

Features of SBI Debit Card EMI Facility

  1. Loan quantity up to Rs 100000 versatile
  2. Tenure options: 6/9/12/18 months
  3. Applicable Rate of interest: 2-Yr MCLR + 7.50% but, most of the buyer sturdy merchandise area unit offered at no price EMI offered by Brands there’s no charge for the process.
  4. Defrayment penalty of three of the total paid ahead.
  5. Cash in the EMI facility up to a few times inside the cap and period communicated via SMS/E-mail.
  6. Inside the desired limit, make a choice from online EMI and DC EMI, or both.

How to Avail SBI Debit Card EMI Online?

Step 1: choose the merchandise online.

Next Step 2: Proceed to checkout.

Then Step 3: Navigate to the revolving credit EMI possibility on the payment page.

Step 4: choose revolving credit EMI. The number is going to be mechanically determined. Everything you have got to try to currently enter the tenure.

Again Step 5: Precede button.

Now Step 6: In SBI Login Page, fill in your net Banking or revolving credit credentials.

Step 7: settle for the terms and conditions away to Avail SBI revolving credit.

EMI at POS ?

Step 1: Purchase your product,

Then Step 2: Swipe your SBI revolving credit on the POS Machine.

Step 3: choose the whole EMI and so opt for the choice of Bank EMI.

Finally Step 4: Enter the required quantity and reimbursement tenure. The POS machine at the bourgeois store determines whether or not or not you’re registered for revolving credit EMI. Also, whether or not or not the number is inside the pre-approved cap.

Step 5: Enter your revolving credit PIN and click on ‘OK.’ Your loan quantities are going to be set aside, and POS can receive an eminent message.

If your total pre-approval cap is Rs 100000, you’ll be able to convert your dealings into EMI up to a few times inside that limit. The bourgeois can charge a nominal dealings fee of Rs a pair that may be collected directly through your revolving credit. On the irregular variety, a penalty interest of twenty-two per month is going to be paid. Failure to follow standing directions thanks to low account balance would end in a penalty fee. Defrayment of EMIs wholly or partly, likewise as account closure before the top of the amount, can end in defrayment charges of three on the postpaid variety.

How Do I Check SBI open-end credit EMI Eligibility online?

  1. Visit the bourgeois store, website, or mobile application.
  2. Now, choose your favorite product and proceed to payment.
  3. On the payment entrance, select SBI open-end credit EMI.
  4. If you’re eligible for an open-end credit EMI facility, you may realize the choice of ‘NO value EMI’ or ‘Pay victimization open-end credit EMI.
  5. To apprehend SBI open-end credit EMI eligibility through SMS, sort DCEMI to 567676 from your registered mobile range.

How Many Times are you able to avail of the SBI open-end credit EMI Facility?

Pre-approved customers will avail of the SBI open-end credit EMI facility for up to most thrice inside the pre-decided limit and amount communicated by SBI via SMS or email. For example, let’s say your overall pre-approved limit of agency 80,000. Then, you’ll convert your dealing into EMI for most of thrice inside this limit.

How SBI open-end credit EMI works?

After knowing all the options & edges of SBI open-end credit EMI, you must understand this facility works. As we tend to aforesaid earlier, only pre-approve customers will get pleasure from this facility. Such customers get a pre-approved limit up to that they’ll purchase something and convert it into simple monthly installments inside a hard and fast tenure. This pre-approved limit is also completely different for one client to a different one.

Suppose you buy an icebox (consumer durable) value agency 60,000 together with your SBI open-end credit. So, what  go to the monthly installment that you will have  compelled to pay if you select tenure of twelve months and the Rate is fifteen.60% per annum? Let’s realize out. Now that you have enough info concerning all the options of SBI open-end credit EMI, you’d wish to understand the method through that you’ll want it. Well, the method of changing your open-end credit dealing into EMI is entirely different at each POS and online Portal. We tend to square measure showing each of them bit-by-bit below. Have a look.


  1. 1800 11 2211 (Phone Banking-24×7)
  2. 1800 425 3800 (Phone Banking-24×7)
  3. 100800 180 1290 (Credit Cards)
  4. 1800 1111 09 (To block your card/Unauthorized transaction)
  5. 1800 425 3800 (Pensioners Helpline)
  6. 1800112211(Other No. For Pensioners Helpline)
  7. 1800110001 (Other National Toll-Free No. For PMJDY)
  8. 1800 180 1111 (Other National Toll-Free No. For PMJDY)
  9. 1800 10010 009 (Pensioners Helpline)

ALL Asian country NUMBER(S):

  1. 1860 one hundred eighty 1290 (Credit cards)
  2. 080-2659 9990 (Customer Care-24×7)
  3. 8422 8455 thirteen (Available Credit limit)
  4. 8422 8455 fifteen (Status of MasterCard last payment)
  5. 92237 66666 (“BAL”CALL/SMS)
  6. 92238 66666 (“BAL” SMS)
  7. 8008202020 (Unhappy with services-SMS)
  8. 94565 94143 (SBI Pension Loan)

Website and Email

Official Website-

  1. (Customer Care)
  2. (General Support)
  3. (To block your card)
  4. (PMJDY Grievance Redressal)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EMI not out there on debit cards?

As a result, nowadays, availing No value EMI on identification isn’t a pronto out there choice. Secondly, with regular No value EMI, you get an oversized loan limit with that you’ll search. Finally, just in identifying EMIs, you either have confidence in your bank balance or associate draft facility.

Which SBI identification is eligible for EMI on Amazon?

You will create a buying deal of a minimum quantity of ₹5000 exploitation your HDFC, ICICI, Federal, Axis, and Kotak Mahindra debit cards and ₹8000 on SBI debit cards avail EMI.

What area unit the documents needed for EMI?

You need to submit a duplicate of your PAN card, address proof. An off Cheque associated a punctually signed ECS mandate to avail an EMI Network Card.



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