Some Of The Best Spiky Hairstyle For Men


Check out any trendy guy and you would mostly get to see men in hairstyles enhanced with spikes which look stunning for sure. You would be amazed to know that this hairstyle is in being since quite a long time and now it has just done a comeback and people are actually crazy about this hairstyle.

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There are many kinds of hairstyles that go well with spike and no matter what your age is but you can still rock a spike hairstyle look.

No matter what kind of hairstyle or hair pattern you have but you can still go with a nice spiky hairstyle and if you are wondering about some of the best spiky hairstyles for men then here are some of them listed by Fashionterest, below that you need to check out and also you can consider trying them out as well because with these hairstyles would be the trendsetter of your group for sure:

Messy spiky hairs:


Now different people have different choices while it comes to hairstyle and if you are someone who loves those messy hairs then this kind of hairstyle can prove to be best for your and no matter where you have small or long hairs but you can still have this hairstyle and the best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to be précised since it would be messy anyway.

Here you would see that the lower back, as well as sides, would have light skin fades while there would be long hairs at the center which would be spiked by after scrunching your hairs.

Short Spiky Hairstyles

spiky hairstyles for men Inspirational 25 Best Short Spiky Haircuts For Guys

By the name, you might have already guessed that it one of the best short spiky hairstyles for men and it would go best with short and fine hairs and if your hair is quite short but you want to have a different style then you can go with this hairstyle for sure.

Here you would see that there would be light fades or you can say short trims at the back as well as sides of your head while there would be short hairs at the center of your hairs which you would have to spike up and for that you would just need some hair gel or hair wax and then just run your hairs through your hairs pulling them in an upward direction and your hairstyle is ready.

Spiky Fringes


Do you love fringes but cannot decode up on fringes and spikes? Why not have both? Well, with this hairstyle you can have both the styles easily and this looks so stunning that you would be like the style icon of your group which is a great thing for sure.

Here you would have clean fades at the lower back as well as sides of your head while you would have kind of long hairs at the center of your head and here you would just have to pull your hairs in an upward direction while keeping the front hairs close to our face and then just set it up with a nice hair setting spray in order to hold the style for a long period of time.

This hairstyle seems great on people who have thick and straight hairs though you can get your hairs artificially straight as well for this look.

Long Straight Spikes


If you are the one who loves sleek yet stunning look then this hairstyle would turn your desire into reality and there is no doubt that this seems to be one of the most trending hairstyles of the present generation and people are getting this kind of hairstyle and rocking their look.

Here your hair would be kind of long and straight from the center and there would be nice fades at the back and sides of your head. Make sure to fix spikes straight by spraying some hair fixing sprays on it.

Spike allover:


If you are the one who doesn’t want to go with any fades or if you want to keep on switching your hairstyles then this kind spike hairstyle would be fine for you as here you would not actually have to undergo any haircut as such and this hairstyle would look good if you have short to medium hairs while long hair people can also rock the look for sure.

Here you would simply have to pull all your hairs straight and fix them with hair setting spray and make sure to get the maximum hairs on the center of your head while doing this hairstyle.

Just a Simple Front Spike

short spiky hair men super awesome Children039s Haircut – Arcadefriv photo

This hairstyle would look super cool on people who have kind of thick hairs and without any doubt; this hairstyle is among the best short spikey hairstyles for men.

The best thing about this hair is that it is very simple to achieve and maintaining this hairstyle is again very easy that anyone can do that.

Here your hairs would be cut short and you would just have to pull your center to front hairs in an upward direction to create spikes and just set them with a nice hair setting spray that’s it.

Kid’s Spiky Hairstyle


Well, nowadays kids are not lagged behind rather they are very advanced so they tend to be in style as well and if you are looking for spikes for your son or brother then you can simply try this one out.

Here the kid would have short hairs while the front section would have long hairs which you would have to fix up as a spike by applying some wax or hair setting spray.

Blond Spikes


Now there is nothing new about this hairstyle but it is always in trend and here you would not have to do much. You would just have to get a normal front spike while your spiked hairs would be colored blond. (


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