6 Tips to Getting the Most from Medicare


Medicare is basically a health insurance plan that is offered by the government for people that are older than 65 years. This is because it’s assumed that such people can be overwhelmed by medical expenses because they are not able to engage in gainful employment or own business.

The insurance policy only covers you for a whole year, meaning you have to renew it at the beginning of the next calendar year. The problem is that the majority of senior citizens that are included in this plan don’t utilize it to the maximum.

Such people end up spending more money every time they visit a medical facility because they are not familiar with the benefits that the Medicare program can provide. Here is a list of tips on how you can get the most out of your Medicare plan.

 Visit Affiliated Clinics

 Every medicare package comes with a list of health facilities that it’s affiliated with. Although this doesn’t mean that you can’t get treatment from any clinic of your choice, you will end up spending more bucks when you opt to visit a private health center that’s not included in medicare insurance.

Keep in mind that some medical procedures can be very costly. You can spare yourself from such a financial dilemma by simply narrowing down to clinics that are recommended by medicare. That way you will get treatment without paying even a single cent. And in case your package is not comprehensive, you will still pay much less money. You can get more details at medicare.org.

  1. Enroll Early for Medicare

 As mentioned at the beginning of the article, medicare specifically caters for people that are already retired or are about to retire. This means you have to enroll before your biological clock hits 65 years.

If you happen to register after celebrating your 65th birthday, you will definitely be penalized for late registration. You should, therefore, join the program before turning 65 to avoid the penalty. The other advantage is that it offers a smooth transition from the insurance cover that’s normally provided by your employer.

Even if you intend to postpone your retirement, just make sure you enroll before the deadline. 

  1. Pay your Premiums on Time

 You are supposed to pay your premium at the beginning of every month. Those who pay for their medicare after the stipulated deadline risk being penalized.

The worst is that you will be required to pay the premium and the penalty at the same time to continue enjoying the benefits of Medicare insurance policy.

Since the monthly contribution is usually an amount that you can afford, you should commit to paying in advance.

You can even set a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget to make the payment. 

  1. Include your Spouse in the Plan

 If you still live together with your spouse, it’s important you add them into your package. In fact, you don’t need to have a separate cover for each of you. If either of you is enrolled into the plan, he or she should include the other person.

Remember, if your spouse is not included in the cover, they will have to cater for their own medical expenses. As long as your space is almost turning 65, they are considered eligible to join the program. 

  1. Exhaust the Premium

 The problem with some medicare members is that they always underutilize their policy. Once you are enrolled in the program, the government will pay thousands of dollars for your health care needs to the insurance company. When you have an ailment, you should not hesitate in getting the best treatment.

Besides that, you should use your medicare cover when purchasing prescription medicine. This guarantees that you will not take the entire burden of buying medicine because the policy will pay a considerable percentage of the total cost. You can also use the cover when going for certain lab tests.

In addition to that, you can get a free gym membership, thanks to the preventive care program that was recently integrated with medicare. 

  1. Never Stick to One Plan

 Sticking to one medicare plan is a huge mistake. This is because you will continue to be exploited when you can get a better deal elsewhere.

In fact, you should only stick with one plan after you have reviewed their package.

Every Medicare plan comes with a minimum deductible. As a conscious citizen, you should find a plan that offers the lowest deductible percentage so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money when seeking medical attention.


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