Sonic the Film, the Sonic Team is keeping Distance while Paramount has full hold

Sonic the Film

Sonic Film is in the news from the last two weeks. First, we got its official teaser trailer which got terrible responses from the fans of Sonic character. Now we got news where Head of Sonic team made it clear that they are keeping a distance from the movie. Now everything is in the hands of Paramount.

Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team tried to clear this position in the production of Sonic Film. He said that the whole team of developers is taking some distance from the new Film.

He said, “It’s not a Sega movie. We’re not doing it or something.”

However,  they didn’t hide any doubt regarding film progress. Yuji Naka is not the part of the Sega now, but he said that he was got confused with the Sonic-Character design.

According to recent reports, this character will be redesigned just to match with the very Sonic-idea and concept in the mind of its fans.

The Sonic Team is keeping a distance from all the tasks of Sonic the Film.

According to chief Iizuka: “We were shown some things, and the producers of the film asked our opinion,” explained the developer. “I also listen to what the fans say and refer to it in the case of the director.”

It means that Iizuka knows all about different products and design phases of the Film. He said that the director is concerned and attentive to the feedback which he got from online fans and other areas. However, another thing which he made clear in his own words is “however “In the end, it depends on Paramount to create a successful product. We are all curious to see what it will be like in the end “.

We just hope that the new character design of Sonic film is better than the last one.


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