South Park Season 23 Air Date, Cast And Other Details

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South Part Season 22 was ended in December 2018. Fans of this show are speculating that there would be another installment of this show and they have been anxiously waiting for South Park Season 23 release date.

Actually, fans are quite sure about next installment since there are rumors about the 23 Season all over the internet. But fan’s speculation isn’t based on rumors only, there is one solid base as well. Actually, showrunners announced in 2015 that there would be at least 23 Seasons of South Park. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that there will be another installment of the South Park but nothing is official at this moment.

Why is South Park so Famous?

The main reason for its high fan following is that the show is good at raising controversial issues. It talks about all those things which are politically incorrect. It is a kind of animated show which is not very suitable for kids. Actually, it brings very sensitive topics such as racism, gun laws, and usage of the n-words, corruption and much more. The dark humor is the main theme of the show. Due to this theme showrunners had to face some serious issues from time to time. The repetitive usage of C-word and offensive slangs is quite common in the show.  When it comes to depicting current issues, South Park crossed many lines and awoke many controversial issues. But still, it is one of the famous TV shows.

South Park Season 23 Coming Back in September

If you are a fan of this show, then you can expect its finale installment this September. As far as the cast of South Park Season 23 is concerned, there won’t be much change. Matt Stone and Trey Parker will voice the male characters as usual.


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