Stranger Things Season 3: Title and Release Date of First Episode and Spoilers About Eleven

Stranger Things Season 3

Netflix always brings massive seasons for its fans. As you know, Stranger Things Season three is a horror television series that are near to release. Yes, you will be able to see it on Independence day of the USA, 4th July 2019. Netflix announced that season three is in process and spoilers is on the peak.

The season three contains eight episodes, and the first one will release on 4th July 2019. The title of the first episode is “Suzie, Do You Copy?” which is written by The Duffer Brothers.

Will Eleven Meets her Mother? What Will the reaction of her Mother?

We saw at the end of season two, Eleven met her mother and she was shocked. Eleven always thinks her mother was dead, but we know she is alive. She discovers Terry Ives is her mother.

However, they met under terrible conditions, and she is suffering from amnesia. Her mother did not remember anything about her daughter, whose real name is Jane. SO fans are worth waiting to find what will happen in Stranger Things season three.

The story behind Eleven’s real name

It revealed previously that Eleven name Jane kept after an anthropologist of 60s, Jane Goodall. A doctor named Dr. Brenner wants to steal the daughter of Ives and her husband, Andrew. Therefore, Dr. Brenner interferes with their lives.

Well, Series three will be quite interesting. However, for the previous series, you can explore and watch at Netflix.

Stay Tuned with us, and we will update you for further episodes.


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