Stranger Things Season 4: Will Flayer Return for Sure and how?

Stranger Things Season 3

As you know stranger things, season 3 has completed. The end was happy and tragic. Billy’s death has been confirmed in the show, and mind flayer got neutralized.

We don’t know what is coming in season 4; however, the possibility of mind flayer is sure. Let’s talk about it.

One of the major concern is the death of antagonist; there is a chance of his revival. Revival chance depends on heather holloway as she was the missing end of Mind Flayer.

Everyone believes that there is much better and smarter than that could ever imagine. He ruled and left the chance of his survival for later.well the story proved the existence of a Demogorgon in the Russian facility.

There is a Demogorgon twist. There is a possibility that Jim hopper is alive and convicted. Demogorgon dog is still alive well now the antagonists are ready to deliver such severe damage to people.

In one of the post-credit scene, there is a facility twist — the conversation about an American conviction. Well, the American indicate the Hopper’s survival, and no Russian soldiers caught after the incident.

Now Jim hopper will use as a weapon for the state, and he may be the next contender of Mind Flayer’s body. So stay tuned with us updates, we’ll update you the more recent news about it.


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