Survivor Season 38: Edge of Extinction, Release Date

The CBS reality series' latest edition concluded with one of the tensest and most historic final Tribal Councils yet

Survivor Season 38

Here we will tell you about the release date and further details of Survivor Season episode 1. This serial has two seasons each year. And firstly we will inform you about the first episode of Survival Season 38.

The show is a perfect blend of psychological actions, fights, comedy, beauties and everything one would want to see in a TV show.

This is an upcoming American TV serial. This “Survival Season 38” has 14 participants including the 4 previously appeared. This Survivor Season 38 premiered on 20th February 2019. This show has a simple set-up, and 18 regular Americans are left in the mid of the peak risky and not easy to live places.

The series is one of the most integral parts of USA TV culture. Without it, American pop culture would be incomplete. This show has spread the term reality TV or shows all over the country.

There have been 2 seasons as of 2018 and people want it to never end though it has had its ups and downs. Its horror nature of tasks makes people more excited to know about the next season.

So, the participants of the show are divided into different groups that have to perform a difficult and risky task to compete with others. The team that fails to win the challenge. Its first episode is going to release on 20th February 2019.

Last season finale aired on CBS with Domenick, Wendell, Laurel, Angela, Donathan, and Sebastian competing for the final prize. To know that in season 2019, who one will win the show must watch it.


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