The 100 Season 7: Release Date And More Updates!

The 100 is returning back for another season 7 confirmed by the CW itself.

The 100 Season 7

This time fans do not have to wait for too long. Because it is confirmed that The 100 will be renewing for it’s another season 7. As the 100 seasons, 6 episode 1 was released on 30th April 2019. However, the news of another installment as season 7 was leaked before.

But this good news also brings another sad news that the first episode of The 100 season 6 was not going good. It is counted as the lowest rated show of this Tuesday.

The news for season 7 was released by the CW channel itself. The 100 had bad and good things about it, but for once fans loved seeing a show where the main characters are not inherently the good guys.

It shows humanity in its truest and messiest form. Every season has a new outlook on how leaders rule. It shows how much you are willing to fight to save the people you love. There is a sense of morality in the fight for survival and will there ever be a brighter day. Through war, alliance, survival, and love you see how far people are willing to go to fight for a cause.

It completely shows you where to set your loyalty to, and what happens when a person who should not be in command does to a population in a good and bad interaction.

This time the 100 show will release in May in the UK and hope it will follow the same sequence for season 7. However, fans can expect the release of season 7 in April 2020.

And I will inform you later more about the show as received.


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