The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 23: Release Date and What will Happen

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most watched comedy tv shows. People are so in love with the main characters such as Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon. Today, I would like to share details of two finale episodes i.e. 23 and 24 of The Big Bang Theory. When they are going to be available for streaming and what is finally coming.

The Big Bang Theory first season was premiered in 2007 and since then we got one new season every year. People who are following the main characters of the show, now very much about them. Every season there are funny punch lines with some sort of mysteries which character solve in their own style. Same will happen in the Season 12.

You have already enjoyed 22 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Now finale is two episodes away. Good news is that you can watch both episodes in one day. CBS has a plan to release Episode 23 and 24 on 16 May 2019.

In today’s episode, you have watched that Beverly come to see Leonard. Leonard is shocked to see that she is behaving well. why is she doing that? He remained in shock until he comes to know about the real intention behind her visit. Denise and Stuart are the guests of Wolowitz. They are spending time together and talking about random things as usual.

Now the question is what is coming next in The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 23 and 24. Well, CBS didn’t release any trailer yet. But what we know at this point that viewers are going to find answers to all those questions which they gathered in their minds from the last 12 seasons. Certain mysteries will get solved, as well.

You can watch The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 23 on CBS official website or via its application. Other online streaming options are Hulu, Roku, and SlingTV. Don’t miss the finale episode of Season 12 on 16 May 2019.


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