Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 8: ‘Chapter Eighty-Nine’ Release Date And Details!

Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 8 release date, where to watch, and spoilers!

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Jane The Virgin is dragging the story again with love. The show is awesome and worth watching. Although all the characters seem interesting, sometimes the lead ‘Jane’ makes fans feel irritated because of her irrelevant causes especially when it comes to Rafael. The upcoming episode is titled “Chapter Eighty-Nine”.

She’s the only one cause for Rafael and Mateo not ending up into a happy family. The role of Rafael is the best and most loved. Every time he adds spark to the episode. It is the almost perfect TV series which I needed in my life. It satisfies your different kinds of telenovela cravings all at once.

Previously, Michael is that nice guy and you think “nice guys finish last”. Everyone loves Rafael has good looking well off dream guy right. But when it comes down to it Michaels the real deal. Has the one for Jane we all know it it’s like classic twilight triangle if you think about it.

She wants Michael is a slow river of love that will just never cease. Rafael loves Jane but he is got that tad bit of selfishness to it.

Michael is a true gentleman, but he is kind of insecure, to be honest. Rafael is sweet but can be a little selfish. He can’t do it all! So at this point, you really don’t know anymore. And sure you’re all going to say, “Well she has a baby, of course, she is going to be dramatic!” Yes, but not that dramatic.

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

Till this week the show has released 7 episodes. And now episode 8 will be airing next week. This episode 8 is going to air on 15th May 2019. The show will be released on CW every Wednesday at 9:00 PM.

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 8 Promo

Here you will have a short review of episode 8. Have a look below!


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