The Flash Season 5: Will there be The Flash Season 6 ?, Release Date, and All the Details

the flash season 5

As you know, The flash season 5 episode 22 has ended and now fans are asking will season 5 renewed for the season 6 or one more episode 23. Fans are feeling mysterious to know about the next event. Let’s talk about all the details.

Will There be the Flash Season 6?

Fans know 22nd episode was the last episodes and there is no more episode of the Flash season 5. However, it is hit season, so fans are expecting there will be more chapters that follow the season 6. The good news is that the six seasons has already confirmed earlier of the year.

We saw many ups and downs in this season such as Nora was working with Thawne and we saw Cicada 2. the finale episode features the story against meta humans from Cicada 2. Moreover, we saw this episode was featuring the Reverse flash where characters confront each other.

Who will be the Showrunner?

Spoilers are saying the Showrunner of the upcoming season will change. Eric Wallace, who was also the Showrunner of the fourth season, would make season six.

Cast for Upcoming The Flash season 6?

Well, we have not seen so many deaths in season 5 that show there will be no returning cast in the upcoming the flash season 6.

When the Flash season 6 will come out?

There is no release date confirmed yet. However, many predictions are here for the new season. Every flash season was released in October each other. So we are expecting that The Flash season 6 would release around October 2019.

Stay tuned with us; we’ll update you the more latest news of the season.


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