The Walking Dead Season 10: Release Date of the season 10 and Major Cast Spoilers

walking dead season 10

Are you aware? About the season 10 of the Walking Dead which is one of the most popular seasons, the walking dead season 10 is coming. The exact date of the release is not confirmed, but it revealed that would come on screen in October 2019. All previous seasons also started in October.

Here we brought major cast spoilers of season 10. Let’s start with Michael Cudlitz.


Will Michael Cudlitz come back in The Walking Dead Season 10?

Actor/director of the season, Michael Cudlitz, who pays the role of Abraham Ford, is coming back in season 10. He confirmed in a tweet and said: ” he will come back in the second episode of the season.” He revealed this news for his 710,000 followers. (Mathemania)

Well, Another Instagram post shows Carol and Daryl will be together in may of scenes of season 10. A post was revealed in which on a shot location chairs are shown with labeled names of characters. However, it will be an excellent surprise for Carol’ fans because they will come back together after the marriage of Carol to the king.


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Day 1 ?

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Will Maggie come back?

We heard some spoilers about coming back of Maggie. However, it is expecting that she could go back at a later date but might be sooner. Moreover, we also heard she would leave the baby and go to help other communities. Now everyone is asking could Maggie will return in the wake of Michonne’s departure. Just wait, we’ll see you soon. Here is a glimpse of fear the walking dead season 10.

Just stay with us, we’ll update you with more recent news.


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