Top 5 Bathroom Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom Paint Colors

The paint colors for your bathroom is a very vital room in every home. It serves as a safe space that you can return to, after a hectic day’s job, to have a nice hot or cold shower. 

This is enough reason for you to keep it looking luxe, clean, and beautiful at all times regardless of the size. 

Having a small bathroom shouldn’t be a problem because you can make it look bigger, classier, and more stylish than it seems. One of the best ways to achieve that is by painting it in the right color. 

If you have more than one bathroom in your home, you can get creative and explore different color options by painting them differently. There are various nice colors you can choose from to make the small bathrooms of unique small house plans look bigger and spacier.

Best Paint Colors for Your Bathroom

You don’t have to worry about choosing the right paint colors for your bathroom because we have compiled some of the best color options to choose from.

Here, we will share the top 5 paint colors for your bathroom and their unique variants that you can use to help keep your bathroom looking radiant, larger, and stunning for a long time.

1. Purple

This is a color that symbolizes extravagance, creativity, royalty, and pride. Hence, go for purple if you want some touch of such features in your bathroom.

Purple comes in different shades that can make your small bathroom look bigger. You can go for soft purple if you want a romantic ambiance. 

You can also get creative by painting the furniture with soft purple and the upper part of the wall with white. This helps to give a unique color contrast. Dark purple is a great choice too; it helps to bring an element of rustiness. Magenta is also a purplish-red color that signifies compassion and kindness. 

Try to incorporate any of these purple variants in your bathroom painting as a way of promoting the unique attributes they all represent. 

2. Blue

A lot of people love blue; it is the color of the sky, sea, and ocean. It represents stability, serenity, and inspiration. 

You can give your bathroom a very beautiful marine-like, traditional, or classy look, depending on the shade of blue you prefer. 

Powder blue is a very nice and gentle color; attempt to paint your bathroom walls with this and add a bright touch of yellow to lighten up your space. For a bolder, cleaner, classier, and significant look, paint it with navy blue. When navy blue is paired with white, it creates a very elegant contrast.

Also, you cannot go wrong with sky blue. If you have a bathroom with white cabinetry, the combination of sea and sky blue is what you need. It promotes calmness and can be used creatively as a prominent wall. 

Cerulean blue is another blue variant that adds splendor and luxury to the bathroom. It is the color of the island beaches that will help to give you a beach-like experience right at the comfort of your home. 

To create a spa-like aura in your bathroom, paint your walls with light blue. It matches white furniture perfectly.

3. Green

You can do no wrong with green. It is the color of nature; think plants and trees. It represents health and good luck. A green-colored bathroom brings nature into your home and gives a very calm and soothing effect. 

Pistachio, which is a shade of green, goes well with yellow, bright white, or pink. To have an earthy look in your bathroom, you can pair pistachio with more earthy colors like brown and taupe. 

Forest green is also a very beautiful green variant; you can hang a pendant light at the center of your bathroom to compliment it. Light green is equally a color that blends well with other earthy colors, which include taupe, brown, and sand. 

4. Yellow 

Yellow is one of those colors that are easily noticeable by every human eye. It is the color of the sun that symbolizes enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and hope. When used in the bathroom, it goes well with a colorful half-tiled wall, which helps to give a very pleasant look. 

If your bathroom color is white, then add lovely yellow stripes to it for more elegance. You can also add white cabinetry to accentuate your hue better. 

For bathrooms with or without excess natural light, sunny yellow with a dash of gold is the perfect color combo for a brighter ambiance. 

5. White

One of the most versatile colors to work with is white because it perfectly matches any color. It symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and simplicity; hence, painting your bathroom white makes it appear more open and larger than it seems. 

Bright white is a very good choice. Try using it with a hint of blue for a classic combo.

If you don’t want an all-white appearance for your bathroom, you can mix any of your favorite colors with the white to give it a nicer and bolder look. 

Alternatively, you can opt for cream white if you find sharp white a little too much. It blends perfectly with soft lavender, blue, light pink, and yellow. 


Using the right colors can change the overall feel and aesthetics of your bathroom. It will make your bathroom look bigger, more radiant, and more sophisticated. Hence, having the best color or color combination will go a long way in making your small bathroom look a lot bigger.

You can also decorate the walls of your bathroom with wall decorations, for example, it can be various canvas prints that you can combine with any color of your walls


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