Top 5 Types Of Tees For Men


A t-shirt is that one men’s wardrobe staple that never goes out of style and always makes a guy feel comfortable and stylish.

This versatile garment can be dressed up or down and is an excellent base for layering and creating different outfits.

In 2022 there are endless tee choices for any taste, style, and preference. Actually, the number of colors, patterns, and necklines can make shopping and planning outfits a pretty overwhelming task! 

But do not worry; in this article, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 types of t-shirts for men that every guy should have in their closet.

The V-Neck Tee

The V-neck tee is quite a controversial style due to its downfall in the early 2000s. However, nobody can deny the versatility of this garment. 

V-neck has a V-shaped neckline that goes down for about 3-4 inches (if it’s more, forget about it!). It’s usually of a tighter fit and is an excellent option for when you want to look a little more put together or fashion-forward.

V-necks are ideal for guys with broad chests and shoulders, but they’re also beloved by shorter men who take advantage of its elongating effect. You can find affordable and fashionable choices in the selection of v necks by Fresh Clean Threads.

Wear your black, maroon, olive, or navy V-neck tee under your work blazer, puffer vest, or sweater, or style it with slim black jeans and a leather jacket for the ultimate bad-boy look.

The Crewneck Tee

There probably isn’t a guy in this world who doesn’t own a crewneck t-shirt. This ultimate classic and all-time favorite started as an undergarment to protect the clothes from sweat and bodily grime and has turned into a cult piece in the 60s. 

A crewneck tee has a round neckline and comes in various shapes, from fitted and regular to oversized. 

Crewnecks can be worn casually as well as for smart-casual occasions, and they’re perfect for layering under hoodies, sweaters, and blazers. 

Another benefit of this style is that it looks good on all guys, meaning you don’t need to be super fit or have a particular body shape to pull it off. You can find something like a Attack On Titan t shirt for a perfect look.

If you stock up on a few crewnecks in classic white, black, grey, and navy, you will have endless looks at your fingertips. Pair your tee with jeans, slacks, shorts, chinos, blazers, joggers, and everything else! Explore the versatile options and patriotic flair offered by patriotic clothing to elevate your style effortlessly.

The Polo Tee 

Polo tees have long been associated with golf clubs and your grandpa’s summer “uniform,” but this classic style is back and beloved even by the fashion-forward Gen-Z! 

Polo is something in between a tee and a button-down shirt as it has a collar and is usually made from thicker fabric. However, you can wear this t-shirt to your weekends at the beach or casual Sunday lunches.

Polos are also famous for their color selection, so make sure to experiment! Wear them with chinos, tailored jeans, shorts, and sneakers.

The Henley Tee

The Henley! If you’re like us, you probably associate it with Hollywood hunks such as Chris Hemsworth or Justin Theroux in the 2010s when every guy there seemed to wear one.

Well, we see why because this collarless tee with a buttoning placket hugs the figure nicely and is an excellent choice when you want to take a break from crewnecks.

Henleys can be both long and short-sleeved and usually are made from thinner fabric. They look great for most casual occasions paired with chinos, jeans, cargo pants or shorts, and a denim jacket or puffer west when it’s colder.

The Sleeveless Tee

While we’re not big fans, we need to acknowledge the existence of sleeveless t-shirts. These are sometimes called “muscle tees” as they expose your guns and gym gains.

Sleeveless tees are exclusively casual, so you should wear them only with joggers or shorts. 

This style is great for summer, though, so if you need something to wear when going to the beach – why not? 



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