Black Panther 2: All details about release date, cast, plot….

Black Panther 2

Marvel fans recognize the slogan Wakanda Forever! Because for them it’s not just a logan but an emotion. Recently Avengers Endgame hit the screen and left all fans disheartened and in grief.  Fans are missing Avengers, Black Widow, and Iron Man. So there is a little hope in the form of Black Panther 2 series.

One of the greatest movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that made with the collaboration of Walk Disney Pictures.

Basically, the series is a combination of superhero fandom with new technological elevation and pressing social issues.

Viewers want such as gigantic culture based movie, and Black Panther comes in its package. It erased all the dilemmas of racism and difference based on complexion.

The first installment was released in 2018 and after that fans always ask about this fantastic movie.

Black Panther has different amazing plotline than any other Marvel film.  Fans love so much with T’Challa as the ruler of Wakanda. It broke the records for the superhero genre and won many awards such as Academy Award for the best original music score, best production design, best costume design. That’s why fans are predicting the series will definitely get the second season.

Kevin Feige expressed his feeling of renewal and said it’d absolutely happen and his statement cheered up the audience. So hold your breath, amazing is on the way.

Here the news about the stars.

Maybe some cast stars will return for season two and in which one if most famous is Michael B. Jordan who played the role of Killmonger in season one. He died at the end but still, and fans are expecting his entry in Bolack Panther season 2.

Moreover, there is also a prediction that the new villain will also appear in season 2. So just stay with us, we’ll bring official news regarding this.

Marvel Universe always have a big mystery and released the dates of next three years schedule. Well, this mystery is still not revealed, and we don’t know when will the Black Panther season 2 released.

However, the robust predictions or you can say spoilers are that the second installment of black panther would air in 2021.


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