Top movie download site

Top movie download site

Intro of Top movie download site:

In general, the Top movie download site can improve your mental health through their healing properties. That is why many doctors use movies as a good form of mental recreation. When there were only CDs and DVDs, people didn’t have many options for selecting movies. However, nowadays, movies have become highly open for anyone with a simple phone or PC. In this article, you will see the 20 top movie download sites in 2020. 

Furthermore, you can watch movies by merely sitting in their homes and doing nothing. In fact, you can even earn quite a bit of money just by commenting on newly released movies. And the best feature of it is, you never have to spend a dime on them. So, without wasting time, let’s get down with the article. 

Top movie download site

In reality, almost all download new movies for free websites are scams. But, when you are willing to spend some cash on your films, then your movie watching experience will surely improve. In fact, you can stream on these websites anytime and anywhere you like. However, if you don’t have good internet, then you can indeed download them from the top movie download site below. 


If you are surprised to see YouTube on this list, then you are not the first. Youtube is surely a top movie download site in the year 2020. Furthermore, you can also download your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood movies completely free from youtube. But people often enjoy youtube more when they are streaming movies online. 


To explain the benefits of youtube, first, we need to know how this beast works. So, how youtube works are, various channels upload movies to their website, and then you watch them. Some are indeed free, and some may cost money. But most of them are entirely free to view. Important to realize, Youtube is a full free movie download website without registration. 



Amazon Prime Video

Firstly, Amazon Prime Video is highly flexible when it comes to features and user support. In fact, Amazon Prime Video is completely free for all types of movies, TV shows, short films, and more. However, you have to have a subscription to Amazon Prime videos to enjoy all its features. 


But don’t worry about the availability of this website in your country as nearly all major countries have servers of Amazon Prime videos and are constantly growing. Furthermore, in some countries like India, Bangladesh, etc. you don’t need a full prime subscription on Amazon Prime. Simply get the video-only membership, and you are good to go. So, due to all these flexibilities, Amazon Prime video is our second top movie download site. 



To begin with, Hotstar, we need to know a few things about it. And that is, it is an Indian website if you don’t know. Star India launches Hotstar to let Indians enjoy their favorite website and movies with convenience. Similar to the Amazon Prime videos, Hotstar is also a free movie download website. In fact, Hotstart is totally the Indian version of Amazon Prime Videos. 


This top movie download site will let you enjoy your favorite TV shows and with full control. You can certainly enjoy some desired serials simply by getting a Hotstar subscription. So, if you tend to live in India or near India, then Hotstar is surely the start for you. 



The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a top movie download site for all old movie collections. Shortly after this amazing website started its journey, it started collecting all old and quality full movies. Until now, the Internet Archive is home to thousands of entertaining movies that are now history for us. Additionally, you can download any movies from this website and in any format that you like. 


In general, Internet Archive features movies that are old. But now you can also download your favorite TV shows, cartoons, sci-fi films, and more. In fact, all these contents are totally free for the subscribers of the Internet Archive. Presently, the Internet Archive is one of the safest and legit movies downloading websites in the world. 




When you need some quality movies like action films, comedy films, or horror films, what do you do? Well, if you are an individual who sits ideal and searches for movies online, then Popcornflix can be of help. PopcornFilx is a top movie download site that also features TV shows, serials, and more. 


Immediately after opening this website, you will see an interface full of the latest movies. PopcornFlix is a completely free movie download site for Mobile and PCs. However, you may need to sign up PopcornFlix movie streaming website to have access to it. Other than this, PopcornFlix is totally user friendly and also fun to use. 




Are you trying to find a top movie download site that is completely free to use? Well, you are surely not the first. Hulu circulates its features on a subscription basis. But you can also utilize the Hulu’s free version for your movies and TV shows. Again, if you don’t have a good internet connection, then you can download the movies for offline usage. 


However, Hulu is not always available in most developing countries like China, Bangladesh, Rwanda, etc. But you can still use Hulu by tunneling your IP with the help of VPNs. On the other hand, you can surely use Proxy and then open the Hulu website. You can also install the Hulu Software and then enjoy your favorite movies. 


IMDb Freedive

IMDb Freedive is another free website for downloading your desired movies. Similar to the Amazon Prime Movies, IMDb Freedive is also a project of Amazon. However, this amazing free movie online website is free for Fire TV in the United States only. Furthermore, IMDb gets almost all its features from Amazon Prime Movies. That is why you will not have any complaint with IMDb Freedive what so ever. 


Note: IMDb free drive is not available in developing countries. So, if you live external to the US, then try the Amazon Prime Movies for all types of movie streaming. 


The Roku Channel

If you are not familiar with the Roku Channel, then don’t worry. Formally the developers of Roku Channel disconnected its services completely. However, this top movie download site just made a comeback from the cemetery. Nowadays, you will find thousands of movies, TV shows, short films, and more in its simple interface. 

Furthermore, you can access the Roku Channel from anywhere in the world. But for the connection, you would need a good quality VPN software on your phone. In general, the Roku Channel is not available for Indian users. So, if you reside near India, then please get a quality VPN connection for the best movie-watching experience. 



Netflix is probably the most popular and Top movie download site in the year 2020. This quarantine further increased its popularity among movie streamers worldwide. In fact, Netflix is the world’s largest OTT platform. If you have a subscription, then you can stream tons of movies, Web series, and more. 


According to online research, Netflix has more than 150 million subscribers all over the world. By the time Netflix reaches 200 million subscribers, almost every country will have Netflix servers inside. But, if India, Pakistan, or other developing country is place, then Netflix can surely be a top choice for you. 



When only downloading movies concerns you the most, then the Retrovision is surely one of the top movie download sites. Retrovision contains tons of unique movies for your entertainment. In fact, you can also watch some of the best ever web series in Retrovision. If you are looking for software that you can use on the go, then Retrovision has the thing for you. 


Retrovision has an android app in the google play store that you can simply install on your phone. Classic UHF is the name to search in the play store if you can’t find anything using Retrovision. So, fans of Adventures, comedies, cartoons, Horrors, etc. can leave all their pain to Retrovision top movie download site. 


Yahoo View

If you are facing problems using Hulu, then the Yahoo View can be a good alternative. Yahoo View is basically a movie streaming website that has quite a few similarities with Hulu. Firstly, the Yahoo view has a very clean UI. And that is why everyone in the US likes it a lot. However, it is not available in countries outside the US territory. So, if you are an Indian, then you can not legally use it. 


But using a VPN can let you access Yahoo View to some extent. Therefore, enjoy free movies with the Yahoo view anytime you want. 


Download movies in Mobile

Firstly, there are no secret ways to download the latest movies with your Mobile. The steps are somewhat similar to any PC device. Secondly, to download movies Mobile, you would need to find a top movie download site for you. Then simply select the movie you want to download and then watch it offline.


FAQs of Top movie download site


Which is the best website to download Top movie download site?

In general, a torrent website will give you the best features when you want to download movies. But there are also other websites with similar features. So, here are some of the best websites for downloading movies free,


  • Youtube.
  • Free classic movies.
  • Legit torrent.
  • Public domain torrent.
  • Retrovision.
  • Internet Archive.
  • Hotstar.
  • Open culture.



Which is the best site to download mp4 movies?

Formally, finding mp4 movies would consume much time and effort. But now you can use these websites to find the best movie mp4 anytime you like. These top movie download site for mp4 is,

  1. Gingle
  2. WorldFree4u
  3. KitKatMovies
  4. HDMoviesMP4 
  5. FullMoviesFreeDownload
  6. MP4MobileMovies 
  7. 99HD Films


Is 123movies a safe site?

If you are a daily utilizer of 123movies, then you might not be safe completely. 123movies record their user’s IP and browsing history and integrates malware in their devices. So, the only way you can be safe while using 123movies or other streaming websites is a VPN. In fact, pop-ups, malware, etc. will be no harm to you if you use a VPN regularly. 


Can I download movies from Netflix?

Presently, Netflix is allowing complete access to its users. In fact, Netflix permits everyone to download specific movies with their custom software. Furthermore, you can download any TV shows or short films using the Netflix software. If you use a poor quality network, then using this downloading feature will be a lifesaver. So, install the Netflix software to gain access to thousand of contents online. 


Wrapping up with Top movie download site 

Online streaming has indeed been the top trend in recent years. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to find the top movie download site for frequent use. But there are thousands of them to choose from. Again, not all will be similar in quality and features. So that is why we have selected some of the most convenient and easy to use movie downloading websites in 2020.

Furthermore, these websites have apps that can improve your movie-watching experience. Therefore, if you have low browsing speed, simply download your favorite movies using the websites. So, Have a good day. Goodbye. 





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